Full Bellys, Filled streets, and Fun Weekends~ Post Thanksgiving Weekend on the Island

As I write this, I sit on my couch, coffee in hand, mind blank (somewhat), belly full, and mind overridden with joy that it is Friday at 11 am and I am in fact, doing exactly this. The Sun from the west shines in from the window, and everything feels still.

There’s no work today for most of us. My stomach is full, and so are all three of my email accounts, brimming over with Black Friday emails from every retailer under the sun, and come hither sweet nothings from every company that wormed their way into my computer.

It’s quiet at home, minus the sounds of Bob Marley in the background, coming from my boyfriend’s computer. But outside my window, and in nearby Times Square, the streets are already bustling.

Thanksgiving is over. Like a wedding, you planned, you slaved away over every little detail from menu to table setting, or in many cases, you just attended. Either way, an ocean of anticipation and excitement for something that was over before you could say food coma. And then just like that, you’re back on the train, bus, car, or living room from whence you came.

And much like a wedding, the next day everything might seem typically the same, but it’s a world of different. Because today begins an annual tradition, seemingly earlier each year as we all play in a virtual, albeit sub conscious race to the finish line; breaking through that red banner into 2013.  And every day that follows this one, until dec 31, whether you want it or not, will somehow be owned by the holidays. So might as well get right into it, starting this weekend…..

Eat your Leftovers

For this, and other amazing post turkey day recipes and sandwiches, check out Food & Wine Magazine’s website, which is one of my favorite go-to’s for food ideas.

For More awesome leftover ideas, head over to Daily Candy.

See A Movie 

The time in between thanksgiving and Dec 31st is also important for movies. It’s Fashion week for the entertainment industry, as big movies come out vying for oscar contention. This season, there’s lots of great movies to see on the big screen, so start off the season with a weekend movie.  Or, wax nostalgic with an older holiday flick.

I’ll be seeing a movie this weekend myself, but it’s an oldie. In the spirit of the holidays, NiteHawk Cinema is screening old, classic fright flicks, and this friday and Saturday it’s one of my favorite’s of all time, Black Christmas. Nitehawk functions as a movie theater and a restaurant in one, and I’ve been dying to check it out. I can’t think of a better reason to get on the train and head out to the Bk then dinner and a movie.

OR, if you’re already freaking out about what you ate yesterday, start working it off

Some post thanksgiving workout ideas at FitSugar 

Dance off those enjoyed calories. Or if you want to save money, and stay in, have your own dance party. Daily Candy will provide the playlist courtesy of Spotify.

OR~ Spend the Weekend giving back to others. Sandy victims still need help, and volunteer opportunities come in many forms. And that’s something to be very thankful for.


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