Forget-Me-Nots— what to do when love flourishes from debauchery

You’ve all been there, or know someone whose been there. Sunday brunch with the girls, reminiscing on how crazy last night was and how fun to all get together- One, most likely the coupled one is perfectly coiffed, hair outfit and makeup all ready for this occasion, she got a good night sleep and is raring to go again. Another, boyfriend-less, was not so lucky. Pounding her Bloody Mary and downing advil in the same breath, she managed to pull herself together, but she’s quiet, a wonder she even made it to brunch at all. The crazy one is still in her outfit from last night- she probably came right from the bar to the restaurant- and lastly, a single with maybe slightly less bravado who is all of her friends packed into 1 person. The calm, unattached lover of love who still managed to get crazy, but get home, and bring herself to brunch, but not do her hair. Sharing stories, and straws, she’s the one who got digits last night. And how surprising, when over eggs, she gets the coveted next morning text, and even better, no back and forth horsing around. Just a straight can i take you on a date text. It’s meant to be except for one little problem– what’ s his name, and where did I meet him again???

An intense debate sparks- OOH, that’s the guy from the bar, the short cute one – I didn’t even know you gave your number?, NOoo, wait, weren’t you talking to that tall, brunette at the end of the night- it must be him! After the volume of mixed high pitched squeals and guesses peaks, all that’s left is a girl with one prospect. And no clue who that might be. So what is a girl to do in this situation??

Well, why don’t you just ask his name again“, is one brainstorm- True, this involves admitting to your levels of drunkenness, and given that first impressions are usually key, do you really want your possible future husband to know he was so memorable that…. you don’t remember him?

Other choices involving playing it by ear till it comes up, or jokingly asking him to see his license (I’ve used this one) can also get thrown around, but at the end of the day, a choice is made, and some form of an outcome is going to play out. Whether he finds out he happened to meet your put together self on the one night when you were a total hot mess, OR, maybe never learn of your short- comings, or even worse, maybe you choose never to meet him at all.

But then again,  it would make for a great wedding speech…that when they first met, the bride never even remembered his name… and why else do we do anything except to possibly later incorporate it into a great wedding story or speech


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