Forever Young- The Forever 21 S/S 12 Preview


Valley of the Dolls

I grew with up with a hippie for a mom. I jokingly called her a dirty hippie for years. When I needed advice, it was sunlight, and moonbeams, and when I needed to relax, I just looked to her catch phrase; go with the flow. But Forever 21 has taken what came naturally to her, and so many others back many decades ago, and transformed that image. The dirty hippie doesn’t exist anymore; and in her place is the bohemian chic well put together stylish hippieThere are no Birkenstocks in her world. No dreadlocks, and definitely no hackey sacks.

This girl wears flower prints, fringed vests, flowy palazzo pants, and lots of colorful jewelry with hints of turquoise and coral. Printed pajama like bed jackets with corduroy skirts, and long printed kimono style dresses and tops flooded the gorgeous loft space while gorgeous women dressed to the nines in all forever 21 served amazing little bites.

In the background, my personal favorite touch to the evening, a screening of To Catch a Thief silently played against a white backdrop wall. As I perused outfits, and gobbled mini sliders, I couldn’t help but keep glancing at Cary Grant and Grace Kelley in the background.

And how fitting to feature a movie exhibiting one of the greatest style icons, and so appropriate seeing as so many of the ladies in that room planned not just outfits, but pieces of art; invididual style icons in their own right. 

Jewelry trends


60's Flower Power mixed with 2011 sequined glitter


Kimono style updated for today's fashionistas


Puts a new spin on a great backdrop...


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