Flying Tiger UES Grand Opening: A Unique one stop shop

There is a store in NYC that is 1 part 99 cent store, 1 part Ikea and 1 part Target all rolled into 1 fabulous spot. Flying Tiger. The only place in New York City where you can buy kitchen utensils, pencil sharpeners, bath mats, kids toys, phone cases, and ping pong tables all in one place and in under an hour. Recently the store invited me to their UES grand opening to check out their newest location. Even though I’m a downtown girl, I couldn’t resist a trip uptown to check it out.

Guests got to go on a scavenger hunt around the store seeking out various treasures we need (does anyone ever really need anything?). The answer to that is Yes, as I wandered about overwhelmed by all my choices. I had some clues, or leads from the brand itself on what to look out for. But unless you go in with a plan, a visit to Flying Tiger can be similar to another store. The one with the bullseye you hit up for household supplies only to spend your first 90 minutes wandering aimlessly through the $1 section and later emerging from with twenty shopping bags. Many confess to getting side tracked in the super store, and with Flying Tiger your distractions will be never ending.

Luckily, as we scavenged for finds, the time went quickly and soon we realized our next engagement was approaching and there would be no choice but to commence. Side note- Having time limits at a store like this will actually help, not hinder your process. As I began getting frantic over my collected treasures, and what to drop, the mania only increased. “I need this Watermelon pencil case! …. But I can’t live without this mint green spatula either. Wait, how much is that phone case? Throw it in, I need it!”

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The final outcome of my purchases: (From left): Glass mint green milk jar, smartphone tripod, apple tin, and funky iphone case (below).

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flying tiger, flying tiger ues, nyc stores,

Learn more about the superstore and see all their locations here.

flying tiger, flying tiger ues, nyc stores,


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