Flower POWER— Betsey Johnson-Fashion week fall 2011

In keeping on the same track as today’s highlighted TREND of the Day- FLOWERS- I thought I would spotlight Betsey Johnson’s fall 2011 show from last night, because a) I have loved her whimsical, funky designs since I was a teen, and b) she showed flowers GALORE, with one outfit I loved in particular. A blue flowered dress with a shape and fabric reminiscent of 90210, complete with tights, and flowered doc martens. Hello, Kelly and Brenda…

Every time I think of Betsey J, I am always reminded of my prom. I had bought this snakeskin strapless dress, and one night my mom came home with a huge bag from a sample sale- (this was pretty common). I bought you a present today she yelled out, almost bursting at the seams with anticipation. A bright smile planted across her face, she pulled out of the big white bag a long, Pink slip dress with flowers all over it, satin, with a chiffon overlay. The next day, the hoochie mama strapless dress was returned to Macys, and rightly so.

That night amidst a sea of black, white, and silver MACYS¬† prom dresses, there I stood, in my pink Betsey Johnson, boyfriend in tow, corsage on hand. Little did I know that sole pink dress that stood alone would really come to signify my style as a person and my different fashion sense, that sometimes, will stand out, for good, or for bad. I will always be that pink dress in the black and white crowd— and it is all thanks to my mom, The ultimate original trend-setter, who basically set my destiny in motion with that sample sale prom dress purchase… Without her, I would be nowhere- or worse- wearing snakeskin strapless dresses.

Betsey Johnson fall 2011- Mercedes benz fashion week









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