Flight Plan: 10 Travel Essentials for your Summer Beach Vacation

I’m getting ready to make my way to Captiva Island this Saturday for a little family vacation. Typically, I make a list of what I have to do, and promptly leave it to the last minute, fumbling and stressing to finish in time. This time, I felt a somewhat surprising change in the air. Although the week is going by quickly, I feel at ease with packing, running errands, and of course the quintessential list of must have travel items. No matter the destination; resort or beach trip, adventure, or Europe, one thing stays the same. The need for ‘stuff’. And no matter where you are going, there should be at least 10 travel essentials packed in your bag, before you do. It’s easy to get bogged down by too many things, so stick to the basics on what you require for flight, and fancy. Here are 10 travel essentials that strike my fancy for the first summer vacation of the season.

vacation, florida, florida vacation, travel, travel essentials, toiletries, beauty, beauty products, hair products

vacation, florida, florida vacation, travel, travel essentials, toiletries, beauty, beauty products, hair products

1. Bathing suit. Bottoms, Old Navy. Top, Joe Boxer at Kmart.

2. Suntan Lotion, Deep Tanning. Banana Boat.

3. Neck Pillow. Essential for your plane ride. I don’t care what it looks like carrying it on your tote, I’d opt to have one to rest on sitting in those crowded seats every time.

4. A wrap, or shawl. I’ve been obsessed with my Madewell wrap every since one of my close friends gave it to me as a birthday gift. Not only does it feel like a light blanket on a cool fall day, it’s absolutely perfect for flights, especially the chilly ones.

5. St Ives hydration lotion spray. I love how light and airy this spray feels on my skin, and the scent is perfect for the beach. Plus, the quick drying action makes for less time getting ready and more time enjoying your vacation.

6. Bic Soleil Shave & Trim razor. I’m never one to get too personal in my writing. But I have to share that one of my favorite new discoveries is the Bic Soleil shave & trim razor. I do not participate or play in the waxing game, so razors are a part of my essential routine, including my travel routine. This one is the first of its kind, being a disposable razor and trimmer all in one, and without being too T.M.I., it’s kind of amazing. Especially when you are spending a week on a beach, far from the likes of your favorite bikini waxer, or at home grooming rituals.

7. John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea waves. This stuff isn’t quite the original, more famous, more elusive beach waves. But that is discontinued, and this does a similar job, plus looks pretty similar to the original we loved. Typically I prefer my hair to always be straight, although that doesn’t always work out. But when I’m at the beach, it’s so frustrating, I usually just concede, and let the curly chaos set in. At least with sea waves, I can help my cause a little bit. $7.99, Harmon.

8. Sunglasses, Ray Ban. 

9. Makeup remover wipes. at Harmon Discount Health & Beauty. I’m going to be honest. Sometimes, when I’m on beach vacations, there are long, sunny days, and lazy, fun nights, and the best I can do is makeup remover wipes. I don’t condone it, but hey, it happens. Like so many other things, all is made right in the morning.

10. Cute, comfortable sandals. You need a nice pair of sandals, that are also comfortable for any trip, from plane to place. I love this safari print from Madewell that I just scooped up on sale for an unbelievable $12!! They’re not that amazing price anymore, but they are still on sale for a killer deal here.

Honorable Mention: Charmsies; hair charms, Forever 21. Maybe it was all those Instagram images of sandy women with gold tattoo decals on their arms and bellies, but I got inspired by the beach, and bought some hair charms for my trip. Whether or not I use them will remain to be seen.

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