Feel good in your skin from underneath

We talk a a lot about confidence in our society. Typically, when we refer to it from a fashion or style standpoint, it’s regarding how a certain wardrobe item or accessory can make us feel. What we put on says something to world about who we are, whether we want to believe it or not. Though it’s often overlooked, what we wear under that outward appearance also matters greatly. In fact, in many cases, it might even matter more. Because regardless of what we put on when we wake up, it’s the ability to really feel good in your skin that will always mean the most. You can fake confidence a little, even through your style, but you can’t fake the ability to truly feel good in your skin. Only you can make that happen.

But Knix intimates line is hoping they can also assist in that department. The company is trying to reinvent the idea of comfortable underwear and intimates by working to change the way we see underneath our clothes. Their collection was created with the idea that being able to feel good in your skin, both literally and metaphorically should be a daily given. Their goal; to make clothing you’ll want to work, play and chill in. Four way stretch fabrics that not only remain seamless under clothes, but even form to your shape. Plus, they promise to always remain invisible, even under the tightest of looks. All meaning you always feel at your most comfortable.  And real women can attest to its wearability. In fact, Knix products are tested by thousands of real women before they hit our eyes.

The intimates line, which is also moisture wicking, anti odor, and quick drying wants to redefine not only how we see underwear, but how we wear it.

Click here to learn more about what makes Knix special and join the club to feel good in your skin starting from beneath.

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