Fashionably Charitable.. The LC Mag Party w/ Lauren Gabrielson

Last week I dropped by the Lauren Gabrielson boutique for the LC MAG party sponsored by LC (Lifestyle and Charity Magazine) highlighting the City Harvest charity.  I found myself in a sweet Soho boutique, small in stature, but big in concept. LC Magazine, founded by Elena Baxter, and Rachael Lechliter rose from two ladies passions in the fight against children’s sex trafficking, which lead to a desire to work with that, and other charities on a bigger and broader scope.  From that foundation, LC Mag was born on the platform of combining a passion and balance between social networking and glamour, with social awareness and philanthropy.

Though Ms Gabrielson herself is only 23 years old (Jeez what have I been doing all these years), not only does she have her own clothing line, and boutique of the same name, one look inside the store and you can see that same level of detail that helped bring her where she is today, also went into the display, and image of the shop; a clean, simple yet pleasing look with strong colors and perfectly displayed flowers.  The color scheme so clearly given a lot of thought and methodically chosen, that the swatches themselves were displayed across one of the tables. A rainbow of neutrals, and beiges are simple in structure, but bright in personality, almost with flecks of gold shining through. On the other side, a perfect complement of reds, and oranges. The Standout pieces for me were a pair of beige trousers with a leather belt like accent, which looked like a perfect fit, and a red silk puffy bow blouse, reminiscent of the 50’s secretary tops, and so on trend for right now. But my favorite was the cocktail dress in the window. Of course, as usual my taste goes right for the richest piece. Not necessarily rich in price, but rich in visuals, with all over sequin/glitter, but subtly elegant, with what looked like beige grosgrain ribbon straps. Had my wallet been as big as my eyes, the mannequin would be naked, and the dress in my closet. But then it just gives me another excuse to go check out Lauren’s boutique again…… and I suggest you do the same.

A Skirt Version of the trouser pants I loved

 Puffy Bow Blouse for Spring ’12

Color Coded

A Classic yet trendy wall of necklaces that caught my eye


How much is that dress in the window, the one with the glittery stare, I do hope that dress is for sale…

Me and Elena, co-creator, and Vp of Lifestyle & Charity Magazine


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