Fair Aisle Shopper ~ Navigating the Aisles at Duane Reade for your Best Shopping Experience

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We’ve all done it a million times. You arrive home, drop your massive shopping bags to the floor and begin unpacking all your items, only to notice the body wash and tissues you went to pick up in the first place are nowhere to be found. This is because you never got them. You did however get a new lip gloss, some ice cream, and and whatever else might have caught your eye.

Millions of people pass through Duane Reade on any given week, and I would bet that more then half of them exit with at least one more item in their bag then they intended. But how you could you not? The inside of the New york city Drugstore can turn anyone into a kid in a candy store, even if every day essentials aren’t your indulgence. There’s the well lit and usually strategically placed Look Boutique; a den of designer cosmetics and fragrances. An expanding grocery section, and depending on which Duane Reade you’ve wandered into, the Growler bar which serves beer should you so desire it.

Perusing the aisles of Duane Reade, or any store can be a never ending maze of distraction, without a thought out plan, or idea in place. I’ve been known to go down every single aisle like a detective on a case, examining products as if they were clues that will lead me to some answer. But unlike that lazy Sunday we all love to offer ourselves every so often, most days, we don’t have time to spend hours in the aisles. And as fun as those excursions can be, sometimes it is more satisfying to be strategic. Here are five ways to implement that strategy, and get the most out of your next shopping trip. I can promise a more streamlined visit, even if I can’t guarantee the urge to wander.

1. Make a List first.

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2. Grab the Duane Reader when you first walk in. This can help to find items you need that might be on sale, and make sure you wont miss anything. It can also alert you to sales and specials. To really get a head start, read the online version before you go.

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#DReade  #shop

3. Check out the Clearance Section. This might slightly contradict everything about formulating a plan for your shopping trip, however, this small section can be a very handy tool. It usually contains items that are at deepened discounts, as well as essentials you might not necessarily need then but at some point, definitely will. On  recent trip, I picked up scotch tape, vitamins, and body lotion all for under ten dollars.

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4. Shop Duane Reade branded products like Nice! and Delish. Not only are they affordable, but in a lot of cases, they’re actually better then the known name. Recognizable brands might be household names, but the aforementioned products should be the household essentials.

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5. Always use your Balance Rewards Card.

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Breaking Down the Essentials by Aisle 

Fair Aisle Shopping ~ Navigating the Aisles at Duane Reade for your Best Drugstore Experience
Fair Aisle Shopping ~ Navigating the Aisles at Duane Reade for your Best Drugstore Experience
#DReade  #shop #Cbias
Navigating the Aisles at Duane Reade
#DReade  #shop

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  • Like the tip on having essential aisles. I have a tendency to spend too much time on those other aisles. Trouble!