Extra, Extra- READE all about it! A New York Saturday Night on the Cheap w/ Duane Reade

There are certain things in this world that are just givens. Saturday night, your corner drugstore, popcorn at the movies. But on certain nights, all those certainties together can make for a symbiotic relationship.

One certainty in New York City, is that if you leave your house on a Saturday night, most likely the unfolding of your evening will not go without spending a good amount of loot. Parties, events, dinners, drinks, movies, all these things cost money. A lot of money. But I have managed to figure out how to spend a Saturday night out without spending much over $20. But I couldn’t do it alone….

Another certainty in this city is drugstores. They’re pretty much on every corner, and you have your pick of them; depending on your neighborhood, and your personality. What type of loyalty rewards card do you have? It might make the difference in how you dress, where you shop, what you eat, who you date. And yet, in a city over saturated with options, I have found loyalty to one that like a boyfriend, caters to my needs, gives me what I want, and even offers to pay. Okay, maybe not pay, but at least make sure I don’t pay too much. And it rewards me back. In this case, by making me a VIP blogger, and entrusting me to spread it’s word and wisdom across this great island.

In keeping with that lovely metaphor, Duane Reade is not like the others. It cares about me so much it puts out, not only a weekly flyer, but an almost monthly newsletter, highlighting my wants and needs, and hoping to ensure I get what I want when I want it. It doesn’t read like your typical circulars at all, but instead features actual write-ups on products, and even goes as far as to have specific themes, and catchy, sarcastic one liners. They always do say one way to a woman’s heart is through humor, and apparently DR(#DReade) knows just how to entice it’s consumer.

Not only does it differ visually, but unlike most others, you can actually shop on this circular online. The Duane Reader can be found by clicking your zip code, again, catering to YOUR specific needs, like any caring, sensitive drugstore should, and upon receiving it, you’re entering a world of products just for you and your hood. Healthy? There’s probiotic nut and raisin mixes on sale for $2.50, perfect for any afternoon slump. Beauty Buff? Pg 4 features nail polishes, and tools. What about a dog owner? You can pick up training pads, bones and some food all for $8.

You can even add stuff to your cart, and make a virtual list, ensuring that just like a dating site, it offers something for everyone.

This particular Saturday night my actual boyfriend was at a bachelors party, (sitting around together watching sports center I assume, as most bachelors do, right?), and so I grabbed my best friend and decided to make it a date night anyway. The New York Way; dinner and a movie. And of course, gossiping, lamenting, and gabbing all night.

Not one to usually skimp on cost, and yet always one to comment on the outrageous theater prices, ( a beautiful contradiction), I decided for once to be a little cautious, and pick up food beforehand. Luckily the Duane Reader had saved me the time of browsing the aisles aimlessly by allowing me to skim it at home, and virtually dog ear everything I wanted. This would make pick up a breeze, and cut my pre- movie routine in half. So, at the Duane Reade on Union Square, I picked up some POP Chips, 2 for $5, some Gummy worms for $2.99, and a drink.

I realized that you can literally plan an entire night inside a Duane Reade; and yes, even a Saturday night. Case in point? Snacks for the movie, CHECK. An easy and cheap dinner to pick up for afterwards? The Penne A La Vodka w/ Grilled Chicken was on sale for $5.99, so CHECK. No Saturday night girl talk dinner would be possible without alcohol, but luckily the sensitive as always DR already had the answer to that too. Wine, CHECK.

#DReade VIP blogger or not,  Duane Reade can fulfill your Saturday night needs, clearly.

Then it was time to see Think Like a Man, right around the corner. I might be watching Think Like a man, but luckily, Duane Reade is thinking just like me.

Click here to go to Duane Reade, and find your closest location

The Trusty Reader that led me to all my perfect snacks. Click here to be taken to my Duane Reader (union Square) or add in your zip code to find your own

This is How we ROLL…..


Did YOU know Duane Reade had this????

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“This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias

**all opinions and stories written and expressed here are entirely from my own #DReadeVIP blogger brain** 🙂

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