Everything's coming up Roses…. Flowers- Spring 11

Do you remember the special secret behavior Sex & the City when Carrie admits to reading Vogue,standing up, while simultaneously eating crackers w/ Jelly, one by one… Well, I have always had a common ritual when I read fashion magazines- I go through them– almost insanely methodically,eyeing every picture, surveying every detail of style, and when I see something I love, or that even spikes interest or an idea, I diligently flip down the side, making sure the crease will be visible later when I go back through to do my rippage.Slightly OCD, yes, but I never said I was perfect– One of my earliest fashion memories, back in the beginning of my crazy behavior is 1994, one of the first times I can ever remember dog earing an item,becoming so obsessed with the item that I ‘had to have’ it,and the excitement of the climatic moment when it actually becomes mine.Katherine Heigel- think less greys anatomy and more My father, the Hero, in a spread in Seventeen magazine with her mom and on her feet were a pair of flower canvas slip on keds with an open front. I had to have them and yet all these years later, I don’t have the faintest idea of what happened to them

katherine Heigel and those flowered Keds- 1994

Seventeen 1994













However, I became nostalgic for literally that exact moment in time when last week my eyes stumbled upon a pair of flowery oxfords from forever 21 for $20 that I just had to have. Once yet again,proving the cyclical nature of the fashion beast, I immediately googled myself into the forever 21 shopping cart, and now I anxiously await for the package that I will put in my closet, and excitedly bring back out as soon as the nice weather finally makes her anticipated yearly return.

I really like thinking of those first memories of my fashion sense actually intertwining with my individual personality, something that now, seems to happen every day. We all have our own first stories of our own “flower Keds” item, and what they meant to us- and now we can relive them over — and restart our individual styles all over again this spring– with a little bit of flower power for 2011…

Spring time oxfords- Forever 21- $22.80

KEDS in 2011- Amy Ormond for keds- $ 60

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