Travel Essentials For Overseas Adventures

If you are tempted to scratch your wanderlust itch, it’s time to get planning for your next spot of travel. Taking time to immerse yourself in new cultures, trying new cuisine and witnessing new vistas can be life affirming. Traveling can boost your mood, make you less stressed and even give you a renewed purpose in life. But no matter how long your trip, some planning will be needed. Organizing a basic itinerary, and making sure to have all the essentials for overseas adventures you plan to take. 

If you are keen to embark on an adventure rather than a typical package holiday, why not consider a spot of self planned travel rather than a generic tour. Planning is more intense but you can craft your own journey to the destinations you want to see, rather than hitting tourist hotspots that you have no interest in.

Read on for some essentials for overseas adventures that you need to properly enjoy yourself. 

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An easy suitcase. 

You might be tempted to whip out your designer hard backed wheeled suitcase and fill it with everything but the kitchen sink. This can lead to your travel being dictated by the sheer inflexibility of your luggage. Instead, consider packing a lot lighter. Even if you are going abroad for a fair few months, you won’t be packing a separate outfit for each day you are away. This makes no sense and isn’t practical. It doesn’t matter how long you are away for, you need to pack a week’s worth of clothes – no more.

Forget the wheeled suitcase and opt for a front loading backpack instead. A forty liter capacity backpack allows you to keep your bag in the cabin saving some much needed time and stress when you land. As well as your main backpack, the chances are that you can take another piece of smaller luggage. Consider choosing a bag that is resilient and well made. This is why Goyard is pretty popular. This designer classic is manageable, practical and looks amazing. 

Roll rather than fold to ensure that you maximize every inch of space in your backpack. When you pack, ensure that your gadgets and documents are close to hand to prevent you from having to rifle through your backpack at passport control.



The major part of the planning process is ensuring that your documentation and visas are all in order. Check the destinations that you are traveling to and the visa requirements. Don’t leave this until the last minute as you may leave it too late. Some countries require you to secure a visa a month in advance and want you to visit a visa application center or embassy as part of the application process. Also, check for any jabs you need. If malaria is prevalent in the country you are heading to, take your antimalarials. If yellow fever is present, you need to have your jab even though it might sting a bit! Check your passport and make sure it has at least six months left on it. This is a no brainer.


A basic itinerary.

When you think about your actual travel, you need to be somewhat organized. While you might like to think of yourself as a spontaneous person, you may find that this attitude means that you waste time, you miss out on tickets to a sought after attraction, or you find some days are wasted sitting around. Planning means you can secure exclusive discounts, early bird offers and it gives you a sense of power knowing where and when you will be traveling and sleeping.

Even just a skeleton itinerary is better than nothing. Head onto third party comparison websites and chart your accommodation journey. Many of these sites will allow you to reserve a room without paying there and then. They also have late cancellation limits in case you change your mind. The same goes for your flights. You need to chart your flight plan to ensure that you can move seamlessly from destination to destination.

For those people who love adventures, there are a whole host of destinations and regions for you to consider. Perhaps you fancy a cooler climate such as Scandinavia or Iceland. Here, you can go Northern Lights hunting, whale watching and partake in some luxury shopping in the capital Reykjavik. You might want to spend a half day flying over a live volcano or snowshoeing across a glacier. If you love your thrills, Iceland is a great adrenaline inducing destination.

For the culture vulture, you could head to the Far East. China and Japan and Vietnam are some of the most culturally incredible nations. Starkly different from your home nation, the Far East is welcoming, full of history and will allow you to experience a totally different way of life. Stay for an extended period of time, and you can truly immerse yourself in the Japanese or Chinese mindset. You could head temple hopping, venture to the magical Japanese island of Miyajima, scale the Great Wall of China, visit Hiroshima or experience the wonder of Kyoto. Venture to both China and Japan and you will see just how unique each culture is.

travel essentials, essentials for overseas. overseas vacation, vacation essentials, content writing

Image by Pixabay – CC0 Licence


Follow this guide of basic essentials for overseas trips. And enjoy your next travel adventure! 


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