Essential Closet Staples Every Girl Needs

Depending on your personality, searching desperately through your closet is either a favorite activity, or the bane of your existence. Whether or not style, or fashion plays a big part in your life, no woman is immune to the ‘ I have nothing to wear’ syndrome. It happens to the best of us. That is why, no matter who you are, making sure you have everything you need at your disposal can be pertinent. At the very least, you’ll need some simple basics. Look below to check out a few essential closet staples that every girl should keep close at hand.

Long, Cozy Sweater 

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The first thing that you’ll definitely need is a long sweater. Perhaps you managed to swipe this from your boyfriend or ex. This style staple can be quite functional. It can be what you reach for after a long day in the office before you curl up on the couch to veg out. Or, it can be something that you throw on to wear like a long tee in the winter. It’s also perfect for casual days, errands, or if you want to dash to the shop for ice cream, chocolate or wine.

LBD staple 

The little black dress is the most obvious of all essential closet staples. It’s a go-to outfit for fancy occasions, dinner parties, or even to go out dancing. Black dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. The trick is finding one that matches your frame and personality, in turn making it also a real confidence booster.

Leather Jacket

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Obviously during the summer months this closet staple can hibernate. But once the cooler, Fall months start to rear their heads, your leather jacket should come back for a repeat performance. Basically, they never go out of style, match with almost anything, and provide an easy update to your look.

Ballet Flats

You need a shoe that is more comfortable than heels but a tad more formal than trainers in your wardrobe. The answer is a pair of ballet flats. These can be matched with any outfit from long trousers to jeans, to a fun dress. You can try different shades too. Leopard print ballet flats can add a little colour to your choice of outfit and can look ultra chic.

A Classic White T-shirt 

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Finally, no wardrobe is complete without this staple, so make sure you have the perfect white tee. You can wear it with anything, under your leather jacket or by itself. The trick to finding the right style and fit. It needs to be just right and you should always feel comfortable wearing it on any occasion. It’s something you can throw on when you don’t have time to spend hours searching for the right outfit and still look absolutely flawless. Plus, there are literally unlimited ways to dress it up or down depending on your style that day or night.