Escape Your City: 5 Travel Tips with MegaBus

Summer, and fall seasons are all about getting out of town, and if where you have to go is doable without planes, there’s no more efficient or cost effective way to travel than Megabus. The bus system operates out of most major cities (all together 120 across the U.S.), including Canada, and offers tickets online for as unbelievably low as $1.00.

Recently when planning for a 24 hr getaway to Connecticut, we looked to the mega travel company  to get us there. Our phishing trip (but more on that later) would be taking us to Hartford, CT for the night; and returning in the AM. Renting a car would have cost a small fortune, besides the fact that the designated next day driver would likely be nursing a stealthy, summer hangover.

But with Megabus, not only is the driving left to someone else, in just a few, quick hours, in an actually comfortable setting, you can find yourself at a variety of destinations. And your endurance still intact.

One might hear cheap, double decker bus and automatically think of horror travel stories, less than stellar accommodations, or questionable company. But these luxury rides are quite the opposite. Offering wi-fi, panoramic windows, major seat recline, and a cleaner than expected environment, the buses offer an easy travel outlet on a comfortable, dependable ride. The company also boasts professional, reliable, top-notch drivers, and it’s worth highlighting that our driver was noticeably personable. His detailed introduction was so good, it had my Larry David-esque husband-to-be quietly grumbling that, ‘ok enough already with the spiel, we’re ready to go.’ But quietly, even this cynical, native New Yorker was impressed with the service.

Here a few more tips for a successful Megabus trip:

1. Make sure to bring essentials. Here are a few ideas below. 

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 Magazine, People Style Watch. Book, The Girls by Emma Cline. Notebook, May Designs. Sunglasse, H&M. Headphones, Frends.


2. Go early. Lines can fill up quickly, and you’re going to want to arrive early enough to get a good spot.


3. Have your ticket ready. Don’t even get me started on one of our biggest couple pet peeves. People who aren’t appropriately ready for the lines they’re standing in. Getting ready to order food? Well, you should probably know what you want when it’s your turn. On that note, when you’re standing in a quarter mile long line to board a bus, for the love of god, please have your ticket ready to show the guy. They don’t take kindly to hot messes, and disorganization will only get sympathy for a few moments, before you’re trampled by the next, eager traveler. megabus, summer getaways, cheap summer getaways, buses from new york

4. Sit upstairs. Anywhere you sit will be comfortable, but the downstairs is a bit darker, and the coveted 4 people booths will be the first to go, and hard to get. Instead, make the upstairs middle your target, and nab your spots. Not only is the view much better, but the overall experience more open, and less clustered.

megabus, summer getaways, cheap summer getaways, buses from new york


5. Figure out your drop off. If someone’s picking you up, have the address ready. If you’re walking, make sure you’ve researched where you’ll arrive, versus where you’re going. In some cases, bus drop off can be more desolate and having the knowledge in advance will definitely help.


For a quick little recap on our cheap thrills escape from New York watch below:

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