Escape from New York – part III- The Way to a Travelers heart is through her Stomach

During my summer vacation with my sister friend and fellow ginger to Istanbul, Mykonos and Santorini, we got into a lot of adventures. Some I’ve talked about here, and some I haven’t, (not for nyc ears, after all), but one of the most important things we did on our trip, was eat. Something about food you eat on vacation; even when it’s not that exotic, or unique, it’s just more exciting to devour…. eat your heart out…

Turkish Delight

Apple Plums

Oddly enough, at the airport was one of my favorite meals- a olive crusted croissant with tapenade spread - airport food never tasted so good!

Greekish ~ A typical spread of dips, and appetizers

You say Tomato, I say DELICIOUS!!

What’s for breakfast?? This- every day… surprisingly enough, fresh yogurt w/ honey dripped over it actually doesn’t get old

Hitting all the food groups in the pyramid; fruit, dairy, bread, and caffeine

Street Food- Turkey Style

Street Food

Drinking Apple tea in the rug shop in Istanbul

You are the Apple of my Eye

One should never allow the most amazing doughnuts ever to be sold on a beach of all places, where mere steps away I am sitting trying to look skinny in my bikini…. oh the shame. Oh the deliciousness…


My Favorite meal – ok my favorite starter- At the top of Oia at the Sunset Cafe in Santorini Greece- watching the sun set slowly over grape leaves….  Almost a raisin in the sun…

Grapes of Wrath

CHEERS TO THAT! This picture epitomizes my love for Ali, Greece, and frappes…..


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