How to Enjoy Michelin Star Food on a Budget


Self-respecting foodies all have one thing in common: a love for great food. But quality doesn’t always have to equal high quantities in every single case. Sometimes, great dishes can be found at burger joints on the corner of the street, or from your local food truck. Other times, only a Michelin star restaurant and chef combination will do.  Of course, the best eateries are pricey, which means having an elevated palette can also cost you quite a lot. If you want to maintain that taste on a more realistic budget, check out some of the tips below. They can help you to enjoy michelin star food on a budget. Because there are more ways than one to dine at michelin star restaurants without breaking the bank.

Shop For A Discount

Even the best of the best take discount codes and vouchers. All businesses have one thing in common; they like to take your money. Now that you know this dirty little secret, sites like and are your best friend. They might not have offers on every time you look, but there are always nuggets. The trick is to check these discounts sites once or twice a week to see if anything shows up.

Go For Lunch

One sure-fire way to enjoy michelin star food on a budget is to avoid dining at those peak, popular times. Dinner is by far the most popular time to eat, and in turn, also the most expensive. With this in mind, try and avoid going to quality restaurants for dinner. Instead, indulge at lunchtime. The food is essentially the same, the atmosphere less busy which is a plus and the cost a lot lower.


Eat At The Bar

Sitting at the bar with a beer and a burger is not something you might expect at a high end establishment. But a quick glance of will show that top-class restaurants are prone to bar food. Yep, even The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley serves up a selection snacks for around $40. Considering an average three-course meal costs up to $250, eating at the bar is without a doubt an option. Just remember that these are small, taster courses and not full-sized meals.

Try Tapas

Picking the right eatery is obvious, but choosing the right food isn’t as clear cut. As it turns out, cuisines like tapas are cheaper than their set-menu cousins. To be able to eat at a top-class establishment for under $50 is pretty uncommon. But trying these tips, including choosing a tapas restaurant are a few ways to eliminate some of the costs.

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