4 easy ways to upgrade a bathroom

There are lots of small things one can do if they want to make changes to their living space. Small or easy ways to upgrade a bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen without tearing everything up or spending a fortune. In recent years, more than usual there has been much talk about the importance of house plants and the ability they can have to repair your mood or your space. Things like lighting, or layout can also make a huge difference.

If you want some easy ways to upgrade a bathroom, without doing a complete remodel, here are a few tips:

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Hang a piece of art. 

One of the simplest ways to change a space is by adding a piece of art to a blank wall. People decorate their homes based on their loves, hobbies, passions but this kind of decorating shouldn’t be reserved only for the main rooms in your home. One of the easy ways to upgrade your bathroom is just by changing up a sparse wall with some color, and bringing some life into the room.

Redesign your shower.

Sometimes altering one single thing makes a world of difference. Without tearing apart your entire bathroom, you can instead focus on a place where you spend a lot of time; the shower. Elevate that space with a remodel by hiring someone to create one you love. Home Max, based out of New Orleans can create a whole new look with the Kohler Luxstone Showers. With a few small changes, like wall color, shelving, and accessories, you can design the shower of your dreams.

For a simpler shower refresh, you can also switch shower curtains, which will instantly change the vibe of the room. You spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so why not make it suit your personality.

Redesign and clear off your counter. 

It may not be as easy as an HGTV show to renovate a room in your home. But there is something to all those clean, clear spaces they present at the end of a before and after show. So where does all the “stuff” go? Who knows, but the point is, clear counters make for less clutter, which leads to a clearer mind. If you’re in need of some easy ways to upgrade a bathroom try just moving all your belongings off the counter, and instead into the medicine chest or closet. It will instantly give a revived look the space.

Add a diffuser, or candle.

While a clear counter is a happy counter, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress it with a little something extra. A simple way to upgrade your bathroom space is rather than taking things out, adding something in, like a pretty diffuser or candle. Plus, who doesn’t want their sacred space smelling great, right?

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