Easy makeover ideas to make you feel good

Makeovers. We see them all the time in TV, and movies. They typically come with a removal of glasses, flip of hair, and a musical montage. But in real life, they aren’t always as glamorous. It may not come with your own personal soundtrack, but giving yourself a makeover can do wonders for your self esteem sometimes. Maybe you want a brighter smile, glowing skin, or more voluptuous hair. But no matter what you do on the outside, leading a healthy lifestyle will always make you feel good, both inside and out. Once you have that, these simple tips and easy makeover ideas are a piece of cake.


Start at the Bottom

Starting at the bottom means you’re paying attention to a part of you that usually gets forgotten when we think about how we present to the world. So make sure you give your feet and legs some tender loving care to start with. To start off, make sure you’re washing your feet properly whenever you’re in the shower. Always try to get between your toes and all over your heel; it’s the best way to make sure grime and sweat doesn’t stick around, and leaves you smelling fresh. Also, it sounds silly but make sure to dry off properly. This helps prevent Athlete’s Foot, or any other bacterial infections.

 Pay Attention to Your Skin

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and it’s the one that we show to the world most. That’s why its so important we always take care of it. So if you’re not glowing, it’s time to work on how much you can, literally, and mentally. Firstly, make sure to hydrate. Figure out your skin type before buying your next moisturizer, but be careful not to over moisturise. Then focus on how the outside world can actually hurt you. Wind, rain, snow, and the sun can all have long lasting, harmful effects on your skin.

If you’ve already suffered at the hands of the sun’s rays, something like sio can dramatically help you if you’re worried about the appearance of wrinkles and darkening skin. However, preparing in the first place is always going to be the best solution, and leaves a better foundation to use skin repairing products on top of it.

Always be mindful of excessive damage to your skin. Sometimes, you have to go deeper than just a topical solution for your skin needs. A lot of skin problems cannot be seen by us because we are not quite sure what it is that we are looking for. Dermatologists know exactly what to look for. If you notice a new mark or an already existing mark is raised, see a dermatologist immediately. Also, if you are fair skinned, a regular visit to a dermatologist is recommended to keep a close eye on your skin.


Up your Exercise Routine

If you’re not already exercising regularly, it’s time to make sure it becomes part of your normal routine. Doing about an hour of cardio a week at the very least can make huge changes to your life, and especially help you shed those pounds a bit easier. Almost everyone is worried about the weight and what they carrying with them every day, so target those worries at their source instead of having to dress them up all the time.

At the same time, if you’re exercising, you should be feeling better in yourself as well. We all know exercise release endorphins, but the full effect of these is astounding. Not only will you be feeling less stressed, but you’ll be better able to regulate your daily emotions and feel more in control. There’s a good reason exercise is hailed as the health be all end all.

Implement a Meal Plan

The simplest changes can wind up making a huge difference. So make sure you’re paying attention to all the labels on your food. It can help more than you think. Don’t buy any processed foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables, like Kale and Broccoli. Try cooking some of your own meals, if you don’t already, because personal meal prep is always the best when it comes to your health. Make sure you’re getting enough Potassium, fibers, and plenty of vitamins too.


Look After Your Hands

Our hands are often how we connect with the world. They’re also one of the first things to show our age. Make sure to look after them, moisturize them often, and always wash your hands when you can. These things seem small, but will help in the long run.

When you take care of yourself, and your body, you feel more in control of your health, even your beauty. Some may not need a makeover to feel good about themselves, but the truth is, a makeover can mean different things to different people. They’re not one size fits all, and trying these easy makeover ideas, just a small way to feel good.

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