Why DVD movies will always be important

No matter how advanced we become, some feelings just can’t be replicated or replaced. The crispness of a new book between your fingers. Folding down a page of favorite quotes. Holding real DVD movies in your hand.

There’s just something about sliding that thin, small record into that mysterious black box and returning to your couch, popcorn in hand. Yes, you can do that streaming a movie too. But it’s just not the same. Like the inability to dog ear a page in your kindle, or underline an inspirational quote. It comes down to an experience, a feeling. That subtle contrast defines the difference between streaming, and physically playing a movie.

It’s also why DVD movies will always be important. Especially to cinephiles.

It’s not just the experience. Potentially cool cover art you could miss, or available extras and extended cuts. Streaming services abound. Netflix surfing is an activity and verb we’re all familiar with today. We spend more time searching and savings movies to lists than watching them.

Like dating, it’s more about the chase, and less about getting what you really want.

It’s swiping right, seeing what’s out there, and weighing options before you commit to anything. But for movie lovers, these choices are still lacking and the only way to satiate those needs properly is with DVD movies.

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DVD movies feel archaic in modern culture. Especially to savvy teens of the world. But they’re actually still pretty popular. Yes, Netflix and chill typically pertains to the streaming service, and it’s 700 (yes, 700!) original movies and shows created this year alone.

But as Netflix celebrates its 20th anniversary, turns out mail subscribers are still relevant. Over three million people still have a DVD Netflix movies subscription. That means a lot of movie lovers eagerly awaiting red envelopes in their mailboxes.

Plus, your DVD Netflix by mail queue can be a lot more fun than endlessly searching for things to add online. For one, the multi category dispersement on streaming can get annoying. One movie is covered in dozens of categories, making it feel like there isn’t much new to find. Not an issue when browsing movie by mail options. Also, a lack of older, more classic movies readily available.

If you love old films, and you should, your chance of streaming them isn’t always easy. For example, although people, especially millennials are more familiar with the online option, the DVD Netflix selections far outweigh the streaming options.

Almost 9500 more DVD movies to choose from, and that’s a lot of missed opportunities.

Watching movies doesn’t just have to be about the latest releases. They can be a way to explore the past too. And the beauty of film-making. Streaming services may have plenty of new, and original titles to pick through. But DVD movies can unlock the past, and explore film history. That’s something worth keeping around forever.

Here are some classic movies to rent now through DVD Netflix:

All About Eve

Breakfast at Tiffanys

The Apartment

Rebel without a cause


Annie Hall

What are some of your favorite DVD movies to watch?

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