Duane Reade VIP Blogger Contest: When you Get Stuck between Duane Reade & New York City

I know it’s crazy, but it’s true..

Ah, whispers of the Christopher Cross song from the Arthur movie are stuck in my head. Remember? The one that summed up Manhattan in one pretty little song. No Duane Reade’s, Starbucks or Chase banks on every corner. I feel like I get stuck between each of these and New York City every single day. But once I stopped fighting it, I realized there was nothing left to do but embrace it. So, I have. I am a proud #DReade Club card member, and when asked if I have the card, I whip it out with pride and fervor.

I eagerly anticipate heading in there just to garner points towards my $5 coupon. I mark things on my calendar, like for how much longer the 2 for $3 Starbucks Frappuccino sales are, and I list “DR” in my daily planner like it was a dinner, or an appointment.

 I make a list, and cross things off it. I have to peruse each aisle methodically, like a predator after it’s prey, even wading into the dangerous waters of things I don’t need, but will look at anyway. In the old days, this could be problematic for an obsessive person like me.

However, that changed. Since the vast remodeling of all Duane Reade’s throughout the city; changing the font, expanding, adding a grocery and beauty section, and a Blockbuster Video kiosk, my problem has grown. It worsened with the Union Square opening. Massive in size and quantity, I wondered in for the promotional free tote, and was greeted with the same excitement one gets from designer dresses or shoes on sale. A one stop shop, taking away the need for other stores,capturing me with its visuals, and drawing me in with stuff I might need.. or not. 

One visit to #DReade, and you can walk out w/anything for any occasion. Date night? First stop in the beauty aisle to pick up last minute cosmetics; some lip gloss, and a headband. Pick up some groceries (at least a sandwich or salad), jump into the health aisle for um..whatever you might need,pick up a prescription and quench a chip craving. Before leaving,hit the blockbuster kiosk and pick  a movie. Home Spa day? Find the expanded beauty sections, which now carry my favorite nail polishes, Essie and POP, and then head to the next aisle for spa stuff; lotion, foot massagers, etc.

One $20 shopping trip later, perusing my goodies, I realize this is fun, but what if I could report on the shopping,trends, and new items I find? Could an assignment this exciting actually exist?  I’m already a pro at mapping out and planning my store visits so being a brand ambassador would only put a challenging spin on something I already do weekly with great joy. I would love to envelop the rest of the city in that feeling, and what New Yorker doesn’t like spreading joy to other New Yorkers..Or in this case toiletries…

Urban Luggage Duane Reade tote bag- Duane Reade’s answer to the Green shopping bag Island Essentials —Goody Hair Clips- $ 4.50. Nivea lip care gloss and chapstick- $2.00. Nourishing Coconut Milk  leave in Conditioner- $2.50 (on sale from $10). L’Oreal Overnight hair care treatment- $2.50 (on sale from $10). Birthday card- $ 4.00. Shout on the go wipes- $1.00. Comb- $1.99. Tissues-99 cents. Snickers Valentines Day snack- 59 cents.


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