Don’t Mess With Taxes~ Your Best Tax Day

It comes every year. Its the same date every year. We all know to prepare for it every single year, in, and out like a mechanical clock continually running it’s gears. And yet, today the post offices were filled to capacity with anxious people, tapping their feet, and procrastinating their way to the front of the line.

For the first year ever, I actually owed money instead of awaiting my hefty return. I sat there in the appointment, I heard everything, and understood it, and yet, I can’t tell you specifically what that happened. I can tell you that I will find another way to partake in my seasonal splurge, even if it doesn’t come in the form of a check from the government.

But that shouldn’t stop you. As the day nears closer to it’s end, the clock will strike midnight, thus ending another year of dreaded procrastination. Everything will go back to normal, post office lines will only be somewhat annoyingly long, and you will soon come into a small, but exciting lump sum of money, which you will then go out and spend accordingly. But whether you save it, splurge on it, buy an outfit, or buy a trip, one trait is always universal. The ability to choose what you do with what you get. And that is a powerful choice.

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