The Doctor is in: Use Amwell to see Health Care Professionals From Home

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions expressed and written are my own.

In society, there are many things we will do, try, self diagnose, and google before we make that dreaded doctors appointment. For most of us, the doctor means a number of things we don’t want to deal with, not even counting the reason for the visit itself. There are rude receptionists, crowded rooms, and, depending on the doctor, massively long waits. For some, waiting for a scheduled appointment, and then waiting to literally get in the door is a luxury not available to them. That’s where Amwell comes into the picture. The idea of seeing a doctor online may seem crazy or counter productive to some, but  it just may be the thing that, to some extent, simplifies you and your familie’s lives. With Amwell, you can find and talk to a doctor for any number of reasons including medical, nutritional, psychological, or pediatric. All visits, no matter the focus are just $49. Each physician is US educated, board certified, but also trained specifically in telehealth to deliver you the most positive experience possible.

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For a busy mom who wants to get her health and family’s lifestyle in check, head to the Diet & Nutrition section of the site. A group of hand selected nutritionists are ready to help, whether it be with dietary needs, questions about food allergies, and more. They’re available every single day for you, from 9-9 except Saturdays when they close at 6, and Sundays, when closed. You can check out each profile and do your research before picking any doctor and once you have, the consulation begins.

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Much like the beginning moments of any doctors office visit, no matter the genre, it begins by explaining the reason for your presence. In this case, you can pick from a variety of topics that include exercise, food allergies, prenatal nutrition and meal planning. If none of the alloted matches fit your needs, you can fill it out in the other column.


From there, you will go on to continue giving all the necessary information to your assigned health care professional. Fill out (optional) info that can include your medical history, current medications and any other important info. Head to the final page where you can implement your insurance, if you like. In many cases, insurance can cover the entire visit.

Amwell is dedicated to making it easy for anyone to see a doctor, get an answer, or consult on an issue, without ever having to leave the house! Not only does it provide the comforts of home, but also an anonymity that may be preferred in some cases. For more details on how they can assist you, take a look at the below video:

AND because Amwell really wants to show you how easy it is, I’ve teamed up with them to offer a FREE VISIT to my readers.

Simply enter the code CARENOW2 and they will provide you with any needs, or questions you may have, completely free of charge!! Long waits, and paper thin hospital gowns not included of course.

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