Do you Know the Muffler Man?: BCBGMaxAzria Fall 2014 at Fashion Week

The first thing that struck me right away at the Bcbg fall 2014 show this morning was the oversized fur accents and fur mufflers models strutted down the runway with.Ubiquitous straight faces and hands strategically placed inside the fur mufflers on each side.
I was instantly reminded of the huge vintage fur and velvet mufflers sitting in my bedroom closet up on the top shelf where grandma Bea’s accessories remain, even though her style has been metaphorically taken down, and promptly adapted by me. I can only assume that when my mom inherited all her stuff she had the same inclinations and now, like history repeating itself those same mufflers, accessories, and jewelry were awaiting their invitation to leave my own closet.
I can always turn some old, amazing, vintage item I have into some version of modern style but in this case all I would have to do is get a chair and take Down a purple Bergdorf Goodman box and instantly, I too could rock the fall ’14 Bcbg look everyone just saw on the runways.

Beyond the controversial fur aspect to the show, (and to be clear, I am not a fur wearer, but I also don’t condone others use of it), the key theme was definitely oversized. Large fur and leather pieces  in the forms of bags, and collars accented easy to wear, asymmetrical maxi dresses.

The juxtaposition of black and white mixed with hints of stripes and flashes of color lent itself to a subtle version of color blocking, and more muted fall colors like gray and tan were given a hint of sexy,  by paneled pieces showing flashes of skin. Paired with knee and thigh high boots, the look was reminiscent of a 70’s vibe, and my mind kept flashing to Faye Dunaway in one of my favorite, but lesser known movies, The Eyes of Laura Mars. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re probably not alone, and not to date myself, but my copy is actually vhs. Yes, you heard that right, it goes in the vcr, that archaic piece of equipment that used to play movies before streaming existed. Proving once again, that technology might get outdated, but fashion never does.


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