Destination Designer~ A journey from warehouse to big house with the Loehmanns Italian Preview

Heaven is a place on earth, in manhattan actually, and it’s called…….Loehmanns.

In most fantasy cities, there is someone behind a closed curtain, pulling a metaphorical string and running everything. But in our real city, there is no curtain. Everyone sees everything, and there isn’t only one wizard running the show.

On this magical island of Manhattan, few things are always what they seem. Much is the case on 17th and 7th, where on half a stretch of block, lies a mecca of pleasure. A den of sin, where, if you look a little under the surface, you find the naughtiest of bargains and designer discounts just waiting to be discovered and lusted after. And just as one must kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince; one must also search, and search, until they find the ultimate treasure. And more times then not, it’s even more about the hunt then the actual catch.

Then there’s the moment when you reach the final point. Pleasure in the form of discounts, hidden sales, and it all comes down to this point; how much will it be? Well, if you’re at 17th and 7th avenue, the outcome will most likely be happy. Loehmanns delivered, and you walk out satisified. What could be better then that in New York City?

When the ultimate in affordable designer fashion department store invited me to attend their blogger brunch, and preview the new Italian designer collection, I jumped at the chance.

I made my way out on Saturday morning; forgoing fashion slightly, for warmth and comfort. In my sorel houndstooth boots, old navy white sequin sweater w/ gingham button down, and sanctuary cargo vest I made my way back to good ol 17th and 7th, and met the other bloggers. 25 minutes later we were in Rutherford, NJ, at the Mecca’s own OZ, soon to be behind the great, and powerful curtain.

There was no curtain, but there was something to pull back, nonetheless. Racks. Hundreds upon hundreds. As we were led into their warehouse, a sudden wave of patterns, prints, colors, and trends collapsed upon me, as I waded into an ocean of clothing. The new collections filled up the room, and everyone dispersed accordingly, each of our own personal passions pulling us down different aisles and through different designers.

As I purveyed through the racks, sifting through all the style being thrust upon me, I noticed several trends of the upcoming season standing out right away. Firstly, Flower cutouts; specifically on a gorgeous Red Valentino short sleeve jacket. It reminds me of a H&M pink skirt I bought several months ago on sale for $20. I now see where the inspiration for that came from, and I also think of recent Prada ads with prevalent daisies everywhere.

Secondly; Gingham. Which I happen to love. I have a red gingham shirt from Old Navy that I continue to overwear. The standout, a scoop neck dress w/ ruffled tier bottom w/ front pockets from D & G.

Prints. Lots of Them. If we didn’t already know that prints are everywhere for spring ’13, then you surely will soon. My eyes widened among florals, stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, lace, and paisley.


A favorite of mine happened to be something I would have never thought I would love, but isn’t that the best part of a trip, the unexpected? A silk, chiffon D&G blouse in white, with a screen print of a denim shirt over it was brazen in visual, but quirky enough to love. Even more exciting about finding it amidst the others was knowing I had just purchased something similar, and thanked my ‘eye’ once again for having my back.

A feast for all the senses, as we looked, touched, felt, dreamed about, obsessed over, and ultimately, coveted. And if the clothing wasn’t enough to put us all over the top, the preview continued. Accessories for the new season included Moschino clutches, and Valentino sandals. 

When we wear clothes, they take us somewhere. And though the destination may differ for everyone, the journey isn’t always about where we will wear them, but how we came to wear them.Much as my journey took me from my warm Manhattan apartment to a warehouse in Rutherford, NJ, and much like the designer clothing crossed over countries, both physically and metaphorically, to land on my island. They might not know whose hands they’ll ultimately end up in, but their journey ends when ours begins.

The Italian collection arrives in select stores, Wednesday, February 27th

Check out the video of mine and other bloggers journey at the Loehmanns warehouse on youtube HERE 





IMG_0020 Amazing colorful trenches for spring 13 and into fall IMG_0023 Loving the blue and white w/ a hint of neon


D&G chiffon blazers w/ screen printed denim workshirt w/ matching skirt D&G chiffon blazers w/ screen printed denim workshirt w/ matching skirt

IMG_0015IMG_0035 2IMG_0038


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