Daily Buzz: Stock up on Printer Ink & Supplies at InkPlusToner.com

We’re now more than halfway through September which means school has been back in session for a while, and people are settling back into the busyness of life that tends to slow down in summer months. Notebooks and planners go back into heavy rotation, and desks are reorganized for a new season ahead. So what better time to stock up on some, perhaps, much needed printer ink, toner, or other supplies you may need to make your business run, whatever that business may be.

I use Ink Plus Toner, a resource for huge deals on printer essentials, where you can find original and remanufactured brand name supplies that include favored brands like HP, for deeply discounted prices that you can buy here.

The company; founded in 2004 by two family men, began with the mission to provide savings on high quality, yet affordable ink and toner cartridges. That has evolved into a place that provides the latest technology, and offerings, combined with a staff who are knowledgeable on all your printing questions. Whether it be ink cartridge, toner, replacement, or more, InkPlusToner can meet your needs, and make your shopping experience as easy as possible, while saving you up to 75 % in price with free shipping.

You can even filter by printer brand, family, or model, allowing for easy navigation, and fast shopping trips. If you’re seeking out something new, there’s a drop down menu of all printer brands the site carries. Stocking up on supplies has never been less stressful!


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