Daily Buzz: Get Organized & Shop Ganizer on QVC Sunday, Sept 13th

I tend to treat this month a lot like the month of January,  in that it’s a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. A time for planning and organizing. So it’s perfect then, that home organization product Ganizer will be showcased on QVC this Sunday. The portable storage system will be available on “Now That’s Cool with Jane” during the live broadcast Sunday, the 13th at 6pm (EST).

As a organizing freak, at least at heart, Ganizer is an organizer’s dream. It doubles as both a portable storage system, and home organizational product. Hang it on your wall at home to cut down on clutter, be that sporting goods, toys, accessories, whatever you want! Take it with you on a trip for hassle free transport, and easily fasten it over any wall, dor or rod. You can even view demonstrations on Ganizer.com.

Whether you’re a big family, or even just two, Ganizer is the pefect way to cut down on home clutter. Especially if you live in the big city, and know, as we do, too well, how hard it is to find good space these days.  With the universal hanging system, you can literally hang your storage anywhere, from doors to closets, and create convenient, portable storage space.

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Ganizer will be also be available  after the show at QVC.com, at both large and extra large sizes for $49.99 each. It will also be available at other retailers coming soon. 


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