Creative Ways to Store Travel Memories

Americans love to travel, and it shows as 80% of all 2019 domestic trips in the country were solely for leisure. If you love to travel, you will agree that experiences from such trips are fleeting. Once they’re over, all you’re left with are memories to recollect the feeling. Fortunately, that is not all you can do. There are better ways to store travel memories and keep them alive.

Below, some creative ways to store travel memories

  1. Make a travel pin map

There are more uses to the tourist map than you probably know about, including its function as a memory item for past trips. This is where a travel pin map comes into the picture. Whenever you visit a city, mark that area on the map with a colored pin. You can add a few more details like the date, time spent and places visited within that city.

You can also purchase a scratch map. With this type, you have the chance to peel the surface to reveal the countries plus cities you took a leisure trip to. This type is even more favorable when you have kids involved in your travel. If you ever thought maps were boring, this can change your perception.

  1. Take lots of pictures, print, and frame a few

A few decades ago, you could only take pictures with analog cameras. Now taking and storing pictures is easier than ever. Androids and the advent of iPhones make picture-taking more fun than ever. Even better, it’s easier to share favorite photos on social media and other digital platforms if you so wish. All you need to do is click away at scenes that interest you the most. The downside with this, however, is capturing countless still images of the same theme.

Some may appear blurry, and others may have the subject out of focus, etc. When that happens, it becomes challenging to delete ‘faulty’ images. Fortunately, with a duplicate image finder, you can attend to these problems with ease. Apart from sorting out your photos, this technology makes it convenient to digitally trash those you don’t need with just a single tap. When you’re done sorting, what you have left will be only those images that tell a story and preserve your travel memories.

  1. Keep keychains and fridge magnets as memorabilia

You can collect memories by using physical items, and fridge magnets and keychains are excellent examples. For tourism and marketing purposes, most cities and countries tell a bit of their stories with memorable keychains and fridge magnets. Usually, these are images of heritage sites or an area of historical essence captured as travel souvenirs. By purchasing a few of these items, you can always recollect the memories that came with them. Mind you, these things are cheaper when bought in bulk. That said, do yourself a favor by getting a few for family and close friends.

  1. Create a travel scrapbook or photo book

Whoever said scrapbooks are just for high schoolers and wedding preparation probably knows little about them. When you love to keep memories of your travels, keep receipts, tickets, cut-out maps, etc., glued into your specially prepared scrapbook. Indeed, you have the freedom to design it to suit your preferences, although there are specially-made travel scrapbooks for tourists and vacationers.

This method can save you some battery power, mainly because you do not have to snap several pictures of places you visited. Furthermore, with your travel photo book, you will need to print out a selection of your images. According to photo printing experts, it’s recommended to use non-glossy surface paper for your printing. This type of printing paper prevents fingerprints from sticking onto its surface.

  1. Create a travel documentary

It is the era of social media, and you can ride on that advantage. Take videos of yourself visiting exciting places during your travel and describe them in concise language. You go a step further, take short videos of every site you tour. After that, put all those videos together as one to tell a story. Thankfully, there are several apps to help you create that simple movie from your travels. It’s fun to do, and you will be glad that you compiled your footage.

As a tip, remember to create a backup of your videos to avoid losing them altogether. Indeed, your travel experiences are fleeting, but there are some interesting ways to store travel memories and keep them forever.

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