Create a comfy bedroom you won’t want to leave

After a long day there’s no place better than your own space. Especially when that includes an extra comfy bedroom. You likely spend a good amount of time in there, so setting it up to be your own little haven can make it even better for relaxing.

Here are a few tips on to create a comfy bedroom that you’ll never want to leave. Read below.

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Buy a comfortable bed

Firstly, everyone should always get the best bed they can afford. It will keep your spine healthy and enable you to get the best night’s sleep. Plus, if you’re spending a lot of time in it relaxing then it’s less likely to ‘dip’ easily under your body weight. Spend some time in a mattress shop lying on the different models and find out what feels right for you.

Find a perfect spot for the tv

If you love watching movies, finding a good spot for your tv is an easy way to create a comfy bedroom. This might involve playing around with the layout of the room. Or, if you’re short on floor space then mounting it on the wall is a good way to go. If the placement is off, a swinging bracket that allows you to pull it out and adjust the tilt when you’re sat in bed is an easy fix. Alternatively a tv bed which stores your tv in the foot of the bed could be a good option.

Invest in a laptop

If you already have a home computer, a laptop as a secondary device can be worth having as well. You can watch your shows (with headphones!) if your other half is asleep in the room. Look into how to watch Netflix offline on Mac – Setapp for a quick and easy way to access Netflix. If you’re travelling or out of the house then of course a laptop is going to be handy too.

Get the sound right

To play games and watch movies to their full potential, a good sound system is needed. It can be that extra detail that enables you to create a comfy bedroom with that extra touch. These days, you don’t have to mess around with fussy wires or chunky speakers. Something like a Sonos Beam under your tv will give you a surround sound effect just by itself. Smart speakers can be hooked up to subwoofers like the Echo Sub if you want to give a bit more grunt to your Alexa.

Get blackout curtains/ blinds

Finally, blackout curtains are useful in any bedroom for turning off the world, or watching movies. And of course, sleeping. Block out harsh, low evening sun and remember to invest in some lighting.

what do you need to have a comfy bedroom at home that you don’t want to leave??

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