Cool Girls Guide to a Nashville Bachelorette Party with bach Weekend

This began as a story about how to master an atypical Nashville bachelorette party weekend. One that while riddled with stereotypes could be remixed into your own, quirky Nashville guide. However, upon arrival I quickly learned something. The only way to truly do a Nashville bachelorette party is to embrace those cliches, accept them, and find the ones that work for you and your clan. And linking up with some locals doesn’t hurt either. Bach Weekend is known for organizing bride to be girl driven weekends and having some nearby friends when traveling is always a huge help. Especially these friends with benefits. Bach Weekend not only showed us the cool side of the cliche, they supplied some essentials for it too. Because with every good, standard bachelorette party, comes your typical aftermath. And only amateurs aren’t prepared to party.

I entered into this with my usual ‘I’m not predictable’ attitude. One Tiara, bride to be shirt, and rowdy, bride squad later I’d entered my Nashville Bachelorette party status full throttle. There were still a few things that remained me. No sash, and no penis hats. (Okay, maybe a few straws though…) And definitely less fan fare than usually expected. I also realized I wasn’t quite “bachelorette girl “ material. Being from NYC I don’t love talking to strangers, and I’ve definitely surpassed the stage of enjoying random high fives from drunk people, (although not sure I ever did). Marks against anyone wearing a crown, and celebrating their last hurrah in public. Rather than fight the typical, the exact opposite happened. I decided to embrace both title and corny cliches. Every sappy, corny, moment. Firstly, I succumbed to full bachelorette attire including a bride tank fully accessorized with tiara. I put that crown on, returned high fives, posed with other scavenger hunt playing bachelorettes and acknowledged every “Good luck, and I’m sorry for you” pseudo congratulatory comment that came my way. I did shots. I got marriage advice from amazing, country loving couples. And I embraced a weekend that at it’s core, was about celebrating not me, but all the amazing friendships in my life. The ones I’ve built, fought for, worked on, nurtured, and that have shaped who I am.

In your thirties, girls getaways are few and far between, so when you get one you have to hold onto it. Soon, the weekend will be over and everyone will go back to their own realities. Babies, careers, relationships, a personal focus, or preparing for one killer get together in my case. This means that the cliche of the bachelorette weekend, (no matter where you go) is one I’m happy to both partake in, and embrace, in every typical or non typical way. You may get another shot at marriage (I kid), or that career your’e after, but you’ll never get another swing at one monumental, memorable, pre marriage weekend with all your closest friends in one place. So in that spirit, embrace the obvious, enter the cliche, and let your freak flag, and your basic bitch fly high.

To follow in the fabulous footsteps of brides to be before you, several things must stay atop your list on a Nashville Bachelorette Party. On the other hand, there are ways to do it while remaining true to you. I partook in some of the obvious actions that accompany bachelorette parties. But I also managed to do things my own way in small doses. Especially when linking up with the aforementioned Bach Weekend. Though we didn’t partake in one of their full on weekends, (pre paid packages are available that include an entire weekend of planned fun), we did spend time hanging with them and letting them show us the cooler side of the city.

If you like fighting tradition like me,  then there are also ways to make your Nashville bachelorette party slightly less typical.

1. Hit up Pedal Bar. All over Nashville, you’ll see pedal bar trolleys. On them, drunk or drunkish party goers working just as hard to pedal through the streets of Nashville as they are to gulp their red solo cup beverages. These are BYOB, as well as bring your own transit power. My group of city commuting girls took one look and said, “we have to do the work? NO WAY”. That’s city folk for you. We skipped this one.That being said, it maintains it’s status as one of the top attractions for a Nashville bachelorette party, or 48 hour visit in general.


2. Eat BBQ at Jacks. Because you need to eat BBQ while you’re there, and this is one of the most popular ways to do it.


3. Rock some suggested attire. 


4. Spend the day on Broadway. But be careful. That can turn into the night on Broadway, and unless you’re a champ, or 22, (or both), you’ll need a break in between day and nighttime activities.


5. Stock your arsenal with post party essentials. Bach Weekend knows what bachelorettes need after a long, fun weekend, and that includes some important necessities. They stocked us with all the essentials including Advil, hair ties, snacks, Red Bull, and Biolyte, the ultimate hangover drink.

Other bridal survival kits can be customized to include wine glasses, t-shirts, and more.


 6. Stay at an AIR BNB. Cute, intimate and like having a giant, grownup slumber party. There weren’t any pillow fights, but there were makeup lessons, 5 minute yoga tutorials, late night pigging out, and lots of girl talk. Things that aren’t as omni present in your 35 year old life as they were in your 25 year old one. Plus, renting an Air BNB for all the gals instead of a hotel can save major costs.

 7. Leave the main strip for eats. Spend time in other areas that don’t get as much play, like the super cool Germantown. We did a little exploring which included a brunch at the casual, chic Butchertown Hall.


8. Dance the night away at the Valentine.  Teaming up with our friends at Bach Weekend meant not only would we have a local’s look at Saturday night out in Nashville, but the inside track too. That would include a beeline for the popular Valentine rooftop on Broadway. Endless crowds of people flooded the streets, waiting on lines to get in, and hopping around. But high above the city we danced the night away at the only place on Broadway that doesn’t play country music. And it was pretty awesome for these hip hop loving city girls. Yes, you go to Nashville to embrace it’s cliched charm, but you also go to embrace your own, whatever that may mean.

9. Take walks through the park instead of the typical group fitness class. Bachelorette parties are usually filled with a lot of drinking. But sometimes you have to take pause and take a little self care too. Take a time out from the typical activities with a walk through Bicentennial Mall State park. While it’s not the typical strip tease, or group yoga class, this activity includes a little history and some great photo opps.


10. Wear your wedding vows during the weekend. 


Satin bomber Jacket, AMI Clubwear  

 Start Planning your own Nashville bachelorette here.




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  • I’ve always wanted to go to Nashville and have several friends that live in the area. I’ve always gotten a kick out of one’s Snapchats of the Pedal Bar!

  • This is so great! I LOVE how you fight tradition! Me too. We’re doing a Bachelorette-Sweat in Nashville the week of June 18th and most of that week my bridesmaids and I will be groaning and moaning off some wedding weight outside town about 20 minutes at a place called Fit Farm doing this ‘BacheloreSweat thingee that week because (being the crazy bride that I am I have dragged my poor girls into a bridal fitness bootcamp – LOL – I can’t wait to see how this pans out!) I wanted to do something unusual with a twist and get all crazy fit before a few days of total debauchery in downtown Nash… but anyways, not the point, – we only get one day/night off during the course of that week to come into town on Wednesday, and since I only have the one day, if I had to choose only 1 REALLY GREAT THING TO DO that night, I’m wondering what your opinion is (I like the Pedal Bar! But as you can probably tell – I’m the outdoorsy type) … Probably only have time for one – maybe two. I’m so excited! Never been to Nashville before! (we’re from Florida)

  • When I got married last year, I spent three weeks getting toned up and in shape at weight crafters. they had a bridal program, but i’m not sure where it was online. you can find their main program here: anyway, I wasn’t in so bad of shape – but my poor maid of honor really really needed the trip and I wanted to be a good friend so we went together. Turns out, it was an amazing experience, and when I got home I had to have my dress reduced two sizes. Let’s just say my husband wasn’t complaining. lol