ConGRADUATions!! The 10 Best Gifts & Essentials for Graduation Day

The Graduate- 10 best Gifts for the Graduate from High to Low

1. The best gift or essential for any graduate? A plane ticket to somewhere. Whether it be a fun girls trip, getaway with your love, or a trip abroad, before you start working for the rest of your life, you’re gonna want to take a break. Don’t be the girl ten years from now, who wishes she went to Italy then, be her now!

2. As a new graduate, whether you’re entering the workforce, travelling abroad, or just taking advantage of your new found freedom, a new, grownup handbag will take you from girl to woman, and if you’re a planner, right into the hands of the daughter you might have one day. Trust me, she’ll want it.

CÉLINE evening bag, $399.00

3. A great gift for the graduate that you’re close to. An Apple Ipad Mini. For an extra special touch, add monogramming and a little note for an extra $10.00

Apple iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi White (MD533LL/A), $329.00

4. My Graduation Collection from the BeeCharmer jewelry line has the perfect gifts for any graduate in your life. My favorite? A Sterling Silver graduation cap w/ pearl and tassel on sterling chain. A steal at $89. Get it on my Etsy shop here.

sterling silver graduation day necklace, graduation cap charm on necklace with pearl and movable tassle , Available to buy on Beecharmer Boutique on ETSY , $89.99 

5. You might not be able to afford most of the Tiffanys store, but there’s still lots of fun treats in the signature color that will be just as exciting to unwrap. Regardless of contents, the mere sight of a wrapped Tiffanys bag complete w/ box and white bow is enough to make any graduate happy. And this is the perfect place for credit cards, metro cards, and any gift cards that might be received on graduation.

Tiffanys Card case, $100

Available to buy at Tiffany And Co 


6. No more running out the door with only a mouth full of mouthwash. Grownups have a coffee-maker. 🙂 I love this yellow one from Keurig from the Martha Stewart Gift Guide.

Spring Holidays Graduation Day Gift Guide, $100 gift guide

7. More from BeeCharmer Jewelry, a Sterling Silver vintage diploma charm, complete with cap, & red enamel bow. This is great alone, or on a necklace. For chain requests, please email me at [email protected]

Sterling Enamel Diploma with cap attached, $29.99 – at BeeCharmer Boutique on ETSY 


8. Anything from jewelry company, Dogeared is great. Especially for a specific occasion.

Charm necklace, $30

9. Sterling Silver Diploma charm

Sterling silver graduation diploma charm, $15.99
BeeCharmer Boutique @ ETSY 

10. As a new graduate, you’ll most likely be doing lots of planning. Your future, your career.. ehh okay  maybe just next weekend. Either way, a date book, calendar, and notebook can and will always come in handy. Be old school and write your plans out in a date book, or finally send all those thank you’s for your graduation party on a grown up set of custom designed note-cards. May Designs offers some amazing products starting at $17, more for monogramming.

May Designs Custom Notebooks, $17.00

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