Cold Calling ~ How to cure a Cold with 7 Easy Essentials from Duane Reade

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Every winter millions of us suffer the same travesties all throughout the season. We sniffle, ache, take off work, and go to work, but then get yelled at by everyone for coming in anyway. No matter how busy the city gets, or how many parties, events, and workouts we have, no one is exempt from getting a cold. And whether you are the top executive at the office, a hipster artist, or a blogger working at home, that is one thing we all have in common.

Normally I get a few colds a season, but this year I was seemingly lucky, getting through the season almost unscathed, except for a few minor sniffles. No one, no matter how busy or lazy you are, likes getting sick. Its that feeling that you’re not yourself. You’re cold and hot at the same time. And though we seem to always spot it’s slow approaching arrival, there is usually little we can do to stop it.

But sometimes in extra special circumstances, we can circumvent our immune system. I tried to do just that this week, when I felt that old girl trying to infiltrate once again. As soon as I realized its steadfast yet sneaky approach, I did the only thing I could think of. I ran out to Duane Reade, and stocked up on everything I would need.

1. Walgreens brand cold and flu liquid medicine for daytime, non drowsy.

2. Halls Cherry coughdrops, which for some reason, make me somewhat nostalgic for my youth.

3. Airborne vitamin C tablets. 

4. Walgreens brand cold and flu pills

5. Bottle of Simply Orange juice 

6. Nice! brand tissues

7. The March edition of People Style Watch. When you’re sick enough to not even have the energy to use your computer, you need something to look forward to, like that new pair of spring shoes you can wear when you feel better.

All items are available to buy at your local Duane Reade.

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