Cocktails & Dreams ~ 10 Cocktail Dresses for your Holiday Party

Cocktails & Dreams~ 10 Cockail Dresses for Your Holiday Party
When the temperatures go down, we all start to feel a little bit more preferential towards sweats over style, and warmth over wow. But before we settle inside during the frigid New York City weather, we have to brave the month of December, where ample dinners, parties, events, and holidays will keep us not only busy, but clothed. Whether you are a socialista, scheduling night after night, or more of a homebody, like myself these days, happy to just Rsvp to one party or so, one thing always remains the same. Whether it’s formal or fun, cocktail attire, or casual, the need to attend fabulously is one constant that never changes.
Typically, the cocktail dress is not something I do a lot of shopping for. Although I’m always struck by different styles, I’ve found myself asking that ubiquitous question that we have all pondered to ourselves aloud, or to a girlfriend; where the hell would I wear this? But this season, something has changed in me. Although that question still kind of lingers in the distance, hanging off the end of every hanger, I am struck this season by the versatility of the party dress. And with today’s fashionistas having a black belt in mixing, matching and layering, it opens the door to all sorts of new life for an outfit. With sequins, lace, cut-outs, silk, tulle, and more, despite what my mother always told me, this is one party you’ll want to stay at till the end.

Leifsdottir dress, $248

Maeve black dress, $188

Honey Punch long sleeve dress, $92

Eliza j dress, $178

Boatneck dress, $90

Vneck dress, $83

J Crew a line dress, $180

Brown dress, $178

Brown dress

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