City Seen: Friday Summer date nights with your Dog

On Friday nights during summer on the island, everyone goes outside to eat. Whether it’s two girlfriends, two guy friends, a couple, or any other combination, throngs of people overflow the streets, (albeit most of them visitors). They fill up outdoor gardens, and turn city streets into dining rooms and narrow sidewalks. And no matter where you are, or who you are, date night will never discriminate against you. No matter your color, creed, religion, sexual preference or… species. In this city, all you really need is a dinner companion, and a glass of great wine. And who cares if they can’t talk back? In some cases, that might even be better. This photo, (and this post, which was actually posted in 2011, and resurrected today) illustrates just how accepting this island can truly be. We may be going crazy all over the world, but sometimes, on a special night in New York City, it can feel like there’s only two people in the whole world. In this case, this guy, and his date, who also appears to be his dog.

Wherever they are, I hope they’re doing well. And still together. 

The dog days of dating in the city: Summer date nights with your favorite person, or in this case, pet


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