City Buzz ~ Sunday Funday- How to Spend your Sunday if you’re NOT a sports Fanatic

Every Sunday throughout the fall, a ritual takes place. Hundreds of couples, frat boys, sport obsessed guys, sport obsessed girls, and the large population of girls pretending to be sports obsessed for guys congregate at their favorite bar to watch the game. Whatever state they hail from, or college they attended, their loyalty is displayed proudly through their t-shirt, face paint, or in the case of the lastly mentioned sect, an outfit meant to illustrate their fanatic, if not fake nature. But there’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something. In today’s day and age, it’s actually refreshing for anyone to show passion and eagerness for anything, even football. I know in one particular household, after the husband watched his loyal team lose the game and in turn, their standing, become so depressed for the day, his wife actually had to explain it to their guests; including me. To these people there is no fate worse then a team who has blown their yearly shot at grandeur.

Then there’s our home. We don’t care about sports. My guy would rather clean his paintbrushes, and dip his newly mixed paints onto a canvas, then onto his face, and if asked, wouldn’t even know who was playing. And that’s just how I like it. After all my years supporting the team, whomever that team may be, it is not only refreshing but natural to not watch sports on Sunday. I have always made a habit out of not doing the norm, and on fall Sundays, it’s no different. On Sundays our home is filled with art, creativity, movies, food, and way too much Discovery Id. And if we want to be involved in a contact sport well…. 

If you’re a part of this minority that, I myself am proud to admit to, then fret not. Just because every single person on facebook is talking about players and scores that are foreign to you, and every sports bar is filled with loud oohs and ahhs, doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t love you. There are plenty of ways to score a fun Sunday in the city, even if you’re not a sports fanatic….


1. Go to a Museum exhibit. Today, there is an awesome art demonstration at the Museum of New York City. Two legendary street artists that were important figures of the graffiti movement of the 1970s and 1980 will be painting  original graffiti murals in a live demonstration on the Museum’s Front Terrace from all day till 5pm. You can also join in by sketching in your own graffiti blackbook. See more about the event here.

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2. Hear someone cool speak. How about James Franco tonight at Strand Bookstore? The actor will be reading excerpts and signing copies of his book, Actors Anonymous at the Bookstore at 8pm. Be sure to get there early, I have a feeling this one will be pretty crowded. If I wasn’t battling a cold, I would be hard at work battling the crowds tonight.

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3. Have a fun brunch. There’s a million and one places on this island to eat brunch. In this city, where Sunday brunch is a weekend mainstay, there is an option for every type of bruncher. The party girl who wants her dining table to turn into a dance platform. The group of girls who like a party without the fanfare. The couples looking for a low key, yet still trendy atmosphere. Or the twosome looking for somewhere to eat their ‘night after’ eggs, and remind each-other of their names, in a place crowded and loud enough, to drown each-other out in case they don’t care. If you’re just looking for a good deal, hop over to Pulsd, where they are offering a brunch at Stecchino for $29 for 2, including unlimited cocktails.

4. See a movie. Whether you want a blockbuster or indie, there’s plenty to pick from. The new Tom Hanks movie, Captain Phillips is sure to come out on top this weekend, but you’ve also got CBBG, with the highly underrated and amazing Alan Rickman. If you’re still in outdoor  movie mode, Blade Runner is showing tonight at Habana Outpost in Bk. Take advantage before they disappear into the cold, winter season.


5. Have a Sunday staycation. This is my favorite one. Movies, snuggling, take out, or cooking, whatever your preference and either the company of a loved one, or the much needed solace of some me time. Either way, even without sports involved, you’re still a winner at the end of the day.

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  • What a great post, and fun too. Facebook is insane on Sundays, well actually weekends in general! If I see another play for play commentary from all 600 of my friends I am going to SCREAM!

    I too, love living with a guy who doesn’t care about sports, except the Dodgers, and they happen to be in the playoffs this year. But I digress… it is quite crazy how people revolve their lives around what team is playing and when. Stop the world, I cannot leave the house, unless it’s to a sports bar or a tailgate party to watch the game. LOL Well as long as they’re having fun that’s the key I suppose. For me, I would much rather go to an art and craft fair, or go to vineyard for some wine tasting and yummy gourmet food. But that’s me.

    Whatever floats your boat! 🙂

  • Great post, it really offers great alternatives to have a fun Sunday with the family. I love Sunday brunch and definitely I never skip Sunday movies.