City Buzz ~ This House is Clean: 6 Days of Simple Spring Cleaning

Every year, the seasons change, and so do we, like clockwork. For every cause, there is an effect, for every action, a reaction, and that is the way we operate. We do things according to a schedule, not necessarily knowing when or why that schedule was pre ordained for us. And yet still, every year in April, we descend upon our homes for spring cleaning, like Zelda Rubenstein in Poltergeist, frantically going over everything and hoping that at the end of it all, we can utter those 4 words, this house is clean.

I remember when spring cleaning was just a notion. Now, it’s presence can be felt everywhere from your envious Pinterest board, to greeting cards… Great job throwing away your shit this spring, Sally! Speaking as a former (and still somewhat) hoarder, although I prefer pack rat, I know better then anyone it is not easy to get rid of things. Although I am all about redesign, and makeovers, in the past that has usually involved moving stuff from one side to another, or somehow redecorating the stuff. Since moving back into my own apartment with my boyfriend, I have been taught a lot. There has been a lot of tears, a lot of yelling, and a lot of stuff removal. And the crazy thing is, I actually do feel lighter.

In the spirit of a cleanse that actually works, I was inspired to go on a week long spring clean binge. This isn’t Martha Stewart, or Real Simple, so if you’re looking for refurbished kitchen cabinets, or how to turn your old couch cushions into bed pillows, I can tell you that I’m not your girl. If you’re just a simple gal with home design aspirations and dreams of home organization grandeur, then you are, in fact, in the right place.

First up, my living room. The small glass coffee table was not only a major eyesore, but doubling as a dinner table most nights, didn’t provide enough surface area for anything. Plus, every time I entered the room, I felt the drab vibes emanating from the area and knew it needed to change.

One coffee table from Target, some color play, and my favorite coffee table book later, a few small steps had majorly changed the dynamic of the space from drab to fab. See how I did it, and the easy steps you can take to redo your lounging space.


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Coffee table, $90 at Target. Now on sale for $70, buy it here. Right now there are MAJOR home sales going on at Target through May 3rd.
Save big during the Target Home Sale, valid 4/20-5/3

Accent pillows; Love Pillows, Target. No longer available. Monogrammed B pillow, $30 at C. Wonder here.

B candle, $14 at C. Wonder.

Kate Spade Things We Love Coffee Table Book, $22 at 

Restaurant check small tray, Fishs Eddy.


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