City Buzz- Go the F to Sleep! ~ 5 Things to help you get to Bed

1. Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla Sleep aromatherapy lotion.  Keep this by your bedside. I can’t promise the soundest of sleeps, but I can promise the softest.

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2. An extra soft pair of sheets for your bed. Fiber Elements Bamboo sheets offer 1000 thread count quality at much more comparable prices, and they’re offering a big sale right now. Even better then that, check out the giveaway going on, win a pair of sheets of your choice for yourself, and get ready to Fall into sleep.

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3. Febreze Bedding Refresher in Moonlit Lavender. I’ve never been totally into home sprays, but something about the new Febreze Sleep Serenity line intrigues and entices me. The collection includes bedside diffusers, bedding refreshers, and bedding mists in Moonlit lavender, Quiet Jasmine and warm milk and honey. Shop the collection here 

FR_MoonlitLavender_L Click to see more on this item 

4. An eye mask. Every since Audrey Hepburn greeted George Peppard at the door in nothing but a men’s tuxedo top and turquoise blue eye mask w/ adorned eyebrows, women everywhere have donned the silky cover up. Whether it’s for fashion or function, a sleep mask can actually aid in quicker z’s, but lets be honest, we kinda just like being Holly Go-lightly-ish too.  The website Dream Essentials caters to this very kind of stylish good night’s sleep. They feature not only a variety of low to high sleep masks, but also body pillows, ear plugs, eye and neck pillows, sound machines, and much, much more. This even includes a new kind of eye mask featuring state of the art technology revolutionizing the way we fall asleep naturally.

Silk soft eye mask, $24.95 at Dream Essentials- Click to buy 

5. Aveda Lavender Fleurs Oil. Dab this on your neck while winding down from a long day, or rub some on after a shower, or before bedtime. The soothing oil is sure to relax you, and take you from wherever your office may be, straight to where you will soon want to be. Dreams not included. $17, at Aveda, Here.

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  • Love these suggestions. A friend received a mask just before she started Cemo. the eye covering allowed her to block out everything around her. I love the smell of lavender at night, it’s relaxing and refreshing at the same time.

  • I love lavender oil – it is one that I don’t run out of before buying the next supply! I also use it for bruises,swollen body parts and wounds as well!

  • This is interesting. I never knew that I needed these to go to sleep. I’m usually so tired I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. Maybe if I try these I may get more restful sleep. Thanks for posting