City Buzz ~ Five Easy Black Friday Sales to Shop Right Now

Being the smart, savvy, native New Yorker that I am, there are a few things that are just pre-designated, all known no-no’s. Do not attempt to go to the Thanksgiving day parade, I repeat, do not. Do not decide the afternoon of Christmas Eve that you need something at Trader Joes. And do not, under any circumstances attempt to shop Times Square, or Herald Square, or another other square for that matter on today, Black Friday. Lest you think I’m advising you to stop the shop! No, no no. I get it. There’s less shopping days this season then ever before. We’re busy people that need to cross things off our list. But with laptops, ipads, and tablets at our fingertips, and so many emails, coupons, and promos it’s making it easier then ever to shop at home on Black Friday. These days, Cyber Monday has been bested and seemingly replaced by a Black friday that runs through the weekend, and works just as well online.

All this being said, I can admit to being a bit of a hypocrite as I actually do plan on venturing out there today. Chilly weather, clueless people, Starbucks cups floating over crowds like mirages, yes, when I go out there I will see it all. I will brave some crowd, brave some crankiness, but if I stick to my plan, hold to my list, and forge ahead, I will make it out unscathed, and several bags heavier. Like the motto Style Island was built upon; New York City and it’s inhabitants are like an episode of a perpetual Survivor. It’s a jungle out there, and only the fashionable, skilled and street smart will survive. This will never ring truer then it does today. So good luck and may the survivor be in you…


1. Target. Today only, shop in the store, OR online, and get doorbuster Deals, plus spend $75 and get 20% off your next in store visit. Start shopping now. 

Start shopping now for great deals today


2. Best Buy. If you’re shopping Electronic gifts, make sure to hit up Best Buy at some point today. They have major doorbusters, including up to $150 off the new Ipad Air, and Ipad minis. Shop here. 

Click here to check out the deals

3. Anthropologie. I try not to shop here too often, mostly because I want to buy everything in the store, but luckily today, online and in store, everything is 20% off. With great prints, fun accessories, and that housewares department that everyone loves so much, down to those monogrammed mugs, there is something for everyone to shop. 

112913_blackfriday_em_FINAL_CROP click to shop Anthropologie

4. H&M. We know what goes on in here. Major sifting, lots of maneuvering between people and racks, but also lots of great deals.. if you’re open to looking for them. And if you are willing to try, you can score some awesome sales, like $20 for a raspberry winter knit sweater, $10 chunky necklaces, and other major finds and stocking stuffers for up to 70% off today. Plus, bring in an item to pass on and recycle, and get 15 % off any item of your choice. I’ve done this twice already, and the outcome is 2 fold. You feel good for giving back, purging your closet, and you get to look good with whatever you scored in return. Win Win.

Click to shop

5. Kate Spade. If you already read this blog, then you know I am capable of having an unhealthy obsession with everything Kate Spade. The whimsical quirky, classy style is offering big sales up to 75% through today in store and online.

Plus, swing by their new pop up shop for Kate Spade Saturday, and get $50 off every $150 you spend, or spend $300 and get $100 back. The brand is a less expensive, even funkier version of Kate Spade, with stocking stuffers, and great gifts everywhere you look.









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