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It’s rare that a book grabs me and doesn’t let go. I can think of several times through the years I haven’t been able to put something down, trying to work trapeze acts in the subway, just so I don’t have to stop reading for a moment, or taking every opportunity to turn another page, even in the most inopportune of places. This fall, Night Film, by Marisha Pessl is doing that to me all over again. When I first heard it, and received an advance copy, I almost simultaneously began reading and obsessing. At my monthly book club I adamantly and passionately proposed my read, and ever since, I am pretty sure I’ve turned a dozen more ladies into subway trapeze artists.
My book club  is proof that CraigsList, when it’s not helping people sell couches, or offer their massage services out, can actually work in a really positive way. Each month, for the past six years in New York City, I’ve gotten together with a group of like minded women to discuss a book, and drink and eat copious amounts of wine and cheese. There’s been much turnover from when I began this book club in 2007. Many have come and gone, and a few have become close, personal friends of mine way beyond the border of a book. There have been weddings, and babies, and dogs, and lots of amazon searches for long reviews.
Recently I decided to start the club fresh, once again, and got a whole new group of amazing women, all over the city.  Though I’ve always tended to find charm in the non formality of our little club; we read books, but feign interest in discussion questions mostly, every once in a while, a book gets chosen that brings excitement to the group, propels heated discussions, and reignites my passion for starting this club in the first place.
I’m pretty certain that when we meet next week to discuss this month’s read, Night Film, all of the aforementioned will occur. Night Film, the latest by Marisha Pessl is a thriller that literally leaps off the page at you, and every page I read, I envision I’m watching it on a big screen. But what makes the book so hard to put down isn’t just the words, it’s the feelings they evoke in the reader. Pages and pages of pictures, articles, and documents strewn throughout help to create the world, and mystery that we’ve escaped into. Reality only surfaces if and when we decide to come up for air, and even then, it feels like we’re still living in the world Pessl created. I’m very excited to announce that I have partnered with Random House to give away a copy of Night Film to one lucky reader!!
Follow the instructions below to enter, to win your copy, and follow along with our book club!! A winner will be picked at random.
To see more on Night Film check out, join Marisha on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

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