CIty Buzz~ 9 NYFW Necessities you Need Now

They’re baaaaaacccckkkk. Designer collections, the ultra stylish, the trying too hard. Yes, they will all be back starting today, in what marks the beginning of NYFW for the September season. This fashion week, we will once again descend upon Lincoln center to view the Spring 2015 collections, but most of all, to show off how fabulous we all are. Personally, and in all honestly, I am still trying to figure out what fashion week is really all about, and how I really feel about it. Regardless, I never seem to be able to stay away. Something about the allure of seeing a new style strutting down a lit up runway, having been invited to come see this live fashion before me, and knowing I have the outlet to express my thoughts on all of it, is still enticing enough to keep me coming back season after season. But like any fashion week, no matter how fun, it can also be exhausting. Everyone has their own unique tools in their tool kit; the essentials for making it through a week filled with work, fun, and fashion. For some they focus on electronics, others, alternative fashion options. Me? My focus is on comfort and convenience. Here are 9 necessities to make sure are on your list this NYFW.

nyfw, nyc, fashion week, fashion week 2014, fashion week guide, starbucks, ipad

nyfw, nyc, fashion week, fashion week 2014, fashion week guide, starbucks, ipad

Tresemme Dry shampoo. For those in between days, and if you don’t have time for a new blowout between events.  $5.79 at Walgreens.

Clinique eye cream. Fashion week for many means long days and even longer nights. Not that anyone’s complaining! But all that fun can be hard to hide the next day when you have a 8 am show. Put this on before you go to bed to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed, and revitalized. Clinique turnaround moisturizer, $47 at Lord &Taylor.

Starbucks Via Latte pack. A coffee addict like me runs on several cups of coffee a day, and usually a latte in the afternoon. I’ve been working hard on cutting back, but with the impending week ahead, I’m imagining I will be falling off the wagon several dozen times.

Fragrance to go. Keep a fragrance in your bag for easy application and when you need a quick spritz. I have several I’m obsessing over right now, but didn’t want to schlep a big bottle, so stuck to one of my faves, Demeter. Available at Walgreens & Duane Reade Look Boutique. 

Sunglasses. It may be September, but guess what? It’s still really sunny and hot out this week! So even though you may be wearing tartan, or boots, keep those sunnies in your bag.

The Twistband Hair tiesUnless you are rocking some major updo, it’s always a good idea to keep a hair tie nearby, for emergencies. Hair emergencies that is. My favorite are The Twistband. They come in all different fun colors and prints and can be worn on your wrist without cutting off circulation. I’ve already worn out several of them to obliteration, so I’m onto the next one, a bronzey glitter version that matches my hair perfectly. 

Ipad air. 

Hailo App. You always need an easy way to get around in NYC, but especially during NYFW. And though that other car service company has cornered the market on fashionable, fast car service, there is a new game in town this season. And as all good fashionistas know, you’re only as good as last season’s collection. Download the app for free here, and Use my promo code NYCBEE20 to get $20 off your first ride!

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