City Buzz ~ 5 ways to Celebrate Friday the 13th the Weekend

1) SYFY channel is having an all day Friday the 13th marathon, playing on full rotation through the weekend. Mindless, background fun, even if all the good parts are edited out.

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2) The opening of Insidious 2. Patrick Wilson is certainly going to great lengths to prove that he is NOT just a pretty face, which I can attest to, having met him in person. The man is pretty. And yet, he is solidifying himself into a new genre, not as the leading man, or alternate leading man, but as the king of scream. Click here for showtimes this weekend.

3) Curl up with a thriller. I can’t think of anything more fitting on Friday the 13th then a journey into the book that is Night Film. Enter my Giveaway to win a copy of the haunting, suspenseful best selling book. If you’re the type that gets excited by that which might disturb you, (and I mean this as the highest possible compliment) then you have to start reading this book. But before you run to barnes and nobles, check out my giveaway, and enter to win a free copy.

#nightfilm – photograpjy by John Turck

4) the San Gennaro annual festival in little Italy may not be the typical way to spend Friday the 13th, but trust me. Even amidst the hokey fun, watergun games, and funnel cakes, I can’t think of anything scarier then trying to navigate your way from Houston to Canal through the crowds of people. This year, over a million people are expected to come check it out. Sounds like a horror movie, if you ask me. If you do decide to navigate through the horrific crowds, maybe you should reward yourself with a dessert making it’s debut at the festival. Ready.. The cronut cannoli! Long lines.. included.

click for more info on the cronut croissant at cbs local

5) Jason Voorhees nails. Who said nail art can’t be scary? Call me a horror junkie, but these are kind of amazing.

il_570xN.493590684_h1z5$5 at Etsy store, Nail Spin. Check them out here.

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