City Buzz ~ 5 Things you can do on Pay it Forward Day 2014

It’s fitting that Pay it Forward day would fall during Earth Week, and for those of you  who thought Pay it Forward was simply a sentiment, or just that sad Haley Joel Osment movie, then the road to redemption begins today. What began as a concept and a book, has grown into a full blown recognized national day, which simply asks us to be selfless, and do something for someone else. There are hundreds of easy ways to take part in this amazing concept, from buying someones cup of coffee, to letting someone cut in front of you in line. Here are 5 more simple ways to Pay it Forward today.


1. Take part in Fashion Revolution Day, which happens to be today, and is in remembrance of the workers that died in last years Bangladesh factory collapse. Celebrate with others in commemorating today by wearing your clothes #insideout. This is to bring awareness to the day and ask the important question, where and by who are your own clothes made? See more info here. And if in Nyc attend a free event celebrating the day at FIT which includes a flea market and photo booth.

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2. Participate in the Zoya nail polish exchange. The Zoya brand, known for their colors and toxin free nail polishes is letting you give back and pay it forward the next time you need a new nail polish. Instead of heading out to buy it, turn in your old, finished bottles and Zoya will exchange it for new ones. Click the link or picture below for more details. Only through 4/28.

click for more at the Spa Week blog click for more at the Spa Week blog

3. Attend the Nyc Green festival going on this weekend. For full event details, info and tickets click here.


4. Pay it forward fashionably by wearing brands that are eco-friendly. There’s so many companies working on green initiatives now, like the H&M conscious collection. But a new one is in on the game. Eileen Fisher’s eco- collection line has comfy casuals, cotton trousers and more all made with hemp and sustainable materials. To learn all about the new eco collection click here.

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5. Head over to Grand Central all day today to learn about how you can be more green, better recycling, and living a sustainable lifestyle. Check here for more details.

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