City Buzz ~ 5 Halloween Night Movies to Watch Right Now

I love horror movies. Not just on Halloween. Truth be told, I would watch them every night, if society allowed. Or my watching partner, although his interest though not as passionate, is enough to live with. Growing up my mom would fake cry out in anguish, my sweet little girl has a dark side! I don’t know if it’s a dark side, or just a peculiar interest, like comic con, that one can immerse themselves in, but I love the thrill of a scary movie. Whether it be truly creepy, or cheesy, I still find some enjoyment out of it, more notably anything old, and I rarely get actually scared. To date, the only movie that has really ever left me staring just a moment longer at the mirror, or sound from the window is Candyman.

So, as Halloween comes to a close tonight, you still have time to get in one last scary movie. God knows, there’s a million to choose from. But there are some that are synonymous with Halloween. The ones that you can always find playing around this time, and that should be watched at least this time a year. My top 5 scary movies to watch on Halloween night are:

1. The Classic- Halloween. All month on AMC. 

the classic 1978 original the classic 1978 original- click for more info  


2. Fright Night– The better pre-twilight Vampire movie. Not the remake. The original. Chris Sarandon as a your friendly neighbor and vampire. Prince Humperdinck attitude included. 

A classic vampire movie and one of my favorite horror movies


3. The Smart Horror movie- Scream

The Wes Craven classic spawned many sequels but the original still holds up The Wes Craven classic spawned many sequels but the original still holds up

4. The Old School Horror- Black Christmas. One of my favorite movies of all time. Underrated by many, but brilliant in a subtle way. Some say, the real original Halloween. If you don’t know it, you don’t know movies. Check Amazon.



5. The black comedy Horror- The Lost Boys. I make a point to watch this every Halloween. Playing tonight on VH1. Because when I was a little girl I wanted to be Star, and the two Coreys were in their prime. What more could you want?

the lost boys

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  • Hello,

    I’ve seen all of the movies that you listed. Out of the list, I would say lost boys is probably my favorite one. Thanks for bringing back great memories!

  • I cannot think of a movie I would less want to watch than a horror movie… More power to you! They frighten the life out of me and I’d much rather spend my evenings laughing!