City Buzz ~ 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Every year on April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day through endless promotion, mention, shopping deals, and other social outlets. People actually seem to listen; companies take notice, and do special collections based on sustainable fashion. But does anything really stick by April 23rd? The point is not necessarily to make grand statements, and proclaim ourselves the Queen of Green, but to relish in the little details. Little ways to celebrate Earth Day in every day life that aren’t necessarily only during a one day a year event. Here’s just a few, simple ways to give back any ol’ day and feel good about it:


1. Use to give your old laptop a new life. Every day, hundreds of laptops see their demise. And yet, most likely only a small percentage of them will get recycled. Although there are dozens of outlets to donate your old computer models, and outdated versions has taken that small act, and turned it into a movement. In most cases, once you part ways with that ’02 macbook, you can walk away with some sense of altruism, but the story ends there., by sharing the stories of both donors, and projects in need keeps that story going and connects people on a level deeper then just blind donation. Rather then aimlessly handing your computer over to a company, or bin, and having no idea where it goes, you can actually pick projects out that might specifically speak to you, and donate to them. There’s no better day then today to get that oldie out of the closet, and send it in to donate today!

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2. Use a Starbucks reusable coffee cup. Ever since I saw this at my local Starbucks for one dollar and scooped it up because, well, why not, I have been obsessively using it. I’ve even gone as far as to leave my house, realize I forgot it, and run back to grab it. The $1 reusable Starbucks cup is available at all stores, and is a hard, plastic version of their trademark coffee cups. Not only do you save cups by reusing this as you would a thermos, if you bring it in to get refilled, you get 10 cents back. It’s not your fancy-pants thermos, but it’s eco-friendly and at $1, worth all 100 pennies.

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3. Recycle lightly used clothes at your local H&M and get 15% off your next purchase. Cleaning out your closet, letting someone else benefit from that act, and getting a few dollars off the next time to do it all over again. Sounds good to me.

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4. Shop, recycle, and earn with your favorite brands. Though there are some great promotions going on during Earth day and week, there’s plenty of brands and products that offer things all year long, like Lush giving away free face masks with your turned in empty containers.

5. Donate old clothes by swapping them. Anything is better recycled then thrown in the garbage, and donation has come a long way from simply dropping off your clothes at Goodwill. There are dozens of options for giving up your clothing including Goodwill. Swapping them via Swapdom or selling them on Threadflip are great options that offer clothing or cash in exchange for your clothes.

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