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When people think about America, their minds tend to gravitate towards the laid back lifestyles of California, the ultimate metropolis that is New York, or places like Chicago, Florida, and Colorado. However, one state with a lot to offer is often overlooked. Texas is one of the greatest places anyone can hope to visit. After all, if it is good enough for Beyonce, than it’s good enough for us. That’s why we’re highlighting the lone star state. With Spring Break and summer vacations looming in the distance, start researching a vacation that can be all about a road trip around the state. With today also being Texas Independence day, celebrate Texas in all it’s variety; from white sand beaches, to incredible canyons, and vibrant, bustling cities. Check out a few ideas below.


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The Alamo

One of the most famous American stories, made famous by the Texan War of Independence, The Alamo is visited by roughly 2.5 million people every year. Filled with rich history and an incredible story, this famous Texas spot  outside San Antonio is not to be missed when road tripping through the state.


The Big Bend

This national park has three of the most astounding areas of natural beauty: the valley of the Rio Grande, the vast and impressive Chisos Mountains, and the wholly desolate Chihuahuan Desert. But it isn’t just about the vistas, driving around this park is all about wildlife too. It is about the eagles and the roadrunners and the plants. It is about hiking up the Lost Mine Trail, which is five miles long. In fact, there is so much to do, we recommend you stay here for a couple of days. Enjoy a nice relaxing jolly around a campfire, where you can enjoy some drinks without having to call a Houston DWI lawyer. Actually, on this stretch of your road trip, try and avoid the road; take one the infamous river trips and see it all from a whole new perspective.


The Space Center

If you’re in Texas you can’t miss a visit to Houston’s Space Center, one of the most visited attractions in the state. It’s NASA. It is LBJ’s Space Center and Mission Control. You get to have a look around the world’s largest space program. The museum of sorts also features exhibitions, artifacts, models, and a ton more exciting stuff for all those interested. No matter what your preference while on a road trip, some things are worth even the quickest visit and experience.

The Bridge Caverns

If you went to The Alamo and then left San Antonio without seeing the natural bridge caverns, head back for some prime photo taking. It’s an incredible underground network made up of over ten-thousand different rock formations, including the King’s Throne, which is a 40-foot high bridge cavern. It may not sound so exciting to read here, but as we all know, seeing things in person makes all the difference. And as the largest cave accessible to visitors, it boasts hidden finds, and explorations of all kinds including a section called the Castle of the White Giants.

Have you been to Texas yet? What was your favorite thing? 

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