Celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day with BestNursingHomes.com

It’s something we should not just relegate to one day, but on today, national senior health and fitness day why not take a moment to tend to the loved ones that might soon be needing you. It’s not always a fun topic, but for many, the decision to give their parents, or older loved ones extra care is a difficult, yet inevitable one. Sometimes we need medical care not available at home, or long term at a hospital, and through the decades the ‘nursing home’ has become the solution to this consistent issue, when something greater is needed. However, though there has not been a very favorable view of nursing homes in past years, the idea has evolved.

Now, these rehabilitative centers, (which are, technically speaking, called advanced medical care ‘post acute’ care centers) look and feel more like a hotel than a hospital. Not only that, but they offer personalized therapy and more intimate attention. This evolvement is exactly what is changing the delicate topic, and how people view and discuss it. And the outlet being utilized to do that is BestNursingHomes.com. Through this online site, free to the public by the Association of Skilled Nursing Providers, one can research and find five-star nursing homes and rehabilitation centers rated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Through a five-star rating system, independent reviews, slideshow photos, featured videos, and detailed descriptions, they aim to give you everything you need to make an informed, confident decision. Think of it like a ‘Angies List’ of sorts, just for this one thing.

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On national senior health and fitness day, take a minute to help out in your community, whatever that may mean to you, and if providing care is on your mind, make sure to head to Bestnursinghomes.com and find the best of the best. They only list the best sites, all pre-approved by Medicare and give you a virtual tour of each building with extra graphics and photos. In some cases, you can even get other’s reviews for opinions and authentic experiences, which, when you are dealing with something so important, can make all the difference. The homes they feature are some of the top in the country, getting top honors from US News and World Report.

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John Sorensen, the CEO of North American Health Care, which makes the site possible, is also a long time supporter and pioneer for the elderly population.

“We are very grateful for the leadership of John Sorensen in the post-acute care industry,” said Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D. Cook is the Executive Director of the Association for Skilled Nursing Providers. “John is a leader in his field, a generous philanthropist, and a great example of someone who places serving the patient above anything else. We are proud to be associated with John and North American Health Care and grateful for his support to promote best practices in skilled nursing.” 

See more on the entire site and view videos here.

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