Enjoy National Iced Tea Day w/ Arizona Oak Brewed Tea 3 Delish Ways!

Did you know today is National Iced Tea day? Iced Tea is a staple for me, and whether it’s in a can, pitcher, or teacup, it can always be found in our house. Today I’m enjoying the day with my new favorite Arizona Iced Tea drink; their Oak reserve brewed tea. It’s an all natural black tea steeped in oak chips during brewing to give it that flavor and comes in three flavors; lemon, unsweetened, and lightly sweetened. They’re all deliciously yummy and light, but during the summer, it’s always fun to mix, match and try new things! Whether it’s a plain over ice, added to tea, or spiked with alcohol, here are 3 fun ways to try the new Oak Reserve and enjoy national iced tea while you do it!


1.  Enjoy it plain with good ol’ lemon added. The new Arizona oak brewed tea tastes light and natural, and even better over a big glass of ice with fresh lemon squeezed in. It’s the perfect afternoon treat!



2. Mix some with Vodka and lemon for a little extra happy hour, or dinner fun! 


3. Add it to your hot tea




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