Weekend Buzz Bites~ 5 Things to Do This Memorial Day Weekend

1. See a movie. You might as well because it’s going to rain, so your chances of hitting the beach are almost nil. But you … Read the rest

Monthly Buzziness~ Feb: Tubing,Taco Night, Sunday Snow Fights & brunch, Style Studio @Lulus, Vermont Vacay & Valentines Love

How ironic that directly after the longest month of the year comes the shortest. The one that whizzes by us; notably only for being Black … Read the rest

Monthly Buzziness~ A month of Cake Pops, Cookies, Art, Anniversaries, Fondue, Fresh Direct and Frothy Hot Chocolate

January. What feels like the longest month out of all of them, not only because of length, but proximity to the new year never seems … Read the rest

Weekend Buzziness – 6/8- Tasting Table Lobster Rumble, Tapas, Tasty Chocolate Tours, & Tony Bourdain

I have been seriously behind in posting about the buzz from my weekend. As bloggers, it’s our job to report on trends, styles, and all … Read the rest

Weekend Buzziness… Duane Reade Done up, Daniel Tosh, Botanical Gardens and Bloody Good Fun 4/13

Last weekend was only a few days ago, but it already seems like a distant memory, and soon, I’ll have another jam packed weekend upon … Read the rest

Weekend Buzziness~ Seders, Eggs, Easters, Bunnies and Babies 4/6/12

So clearly I’m a bit behind as the weekend of the 13th (FRIDAY THE 13th!!!) is upon as, and as usual I’ll be running around … Read the rest

Weekend Buzziness… Sing Sing, Saturday Movies, Son Cubano, and Sleep No More~ 3/23

Last weekend was pretty filled, with lots to recap, but more on all that later, because as so many things in my life, I’m still … Read the rest

Weekend Buzziness… DeNiro, Doughnuts, Dragons and Dim Sum

Every weekend, I face the daunting task of entering Monday, and bidding adieu to the festivities of Saturday and Sunday past. So many times they’re … Read the rest

Weekend Buzziness…..

So I’ve decided that maybe sometimes, I should start chronicling my weekends, apart from my old school daily planner. (how quaint and archaic of me!) … Read the rest

Mission Possible: A night at the Bowery Mission Celebration of Hope

A few weeks ago I volunteered at the Bowery Mission’s annual Celebration of Hope auction and gala ,where I am a volunteer and member of … Read the rest