Baby Got back…. or How I learned to embrace the confines of my bed

Last week, I spent almost 5 days in a row basically reliving the movie Misery over and over. Except there was no cathy bates, and … Read the rest


Fashion week is reaching it’s peak, I’ve been busy, have images to download, collections to write about, and thoughts to wax poetic on. But today, … Read the rest

Island Falls… getting excited for my favorite season

Don’t be afraid to FALL by beecharmer featuring a distressed shirt J Crew long sleeve sweater $98 – All Saints distressed shirt $59 – Ralph Lauren Collection … Read the rest

How to win B.F.F's, and Influence People… The art of Bff-ery

BFF. It’s a word.Hell it’s not even a word, it’s 3 letters that we throw around like our business cards, slutting our bff-ery all over … Read the rest

You Can't Take it With You…..

I’m about to embark on a fresh start of sorts… A rebirth that begins with a final move, a purging of sorts. As fitness obsessed … Read the rest

Permanent Vacation

Zigzagging in between traffic this morning, in my 100 meter dash from the subway entrance, to the familiar door on 40th and Broadway, it finally … Read the rest

Lord of the Fleas….. a day at the Brookyn Flea

I am in a constant, perpetual struggle with 2 conflicting personalities inside me. The one who wants a clean, classic, beautiful home, you know, like … Read the rest

Strangers on a Train…..

Much like the stories in the bible, this story also refers to a mass exodus…. From a train. This morning I took my dreaded LNR … Read the rest

The Waiting Game…

When it comes to dating, normally we equate the amount of time it takes to call us, if at all, with our self love, self … Read the rest