Rent the Runway~ Project Runway & L'oreal Collaboration team up with Duane Reade for a Special Makeover Night

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Still Waters Run Deep… BLK and The Real Housewives of NJ Take Over Duane Reade

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Hollywood Island~ Makeovers and Red Carpets take over Duane Reade

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Katching up with the Komens~ October Breast Cancer Awareness month starts off strong w/ my first walk

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Fashion Night Out with Duane Reade: Fashion tape, fingernails and False Eyelashes….

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Out for a Quick Spin ~ W/ Bryan Brothers, Duane Reade & the Nestle Nesquick Bunny

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How LO can you GO? A Day in the Life of a Duane Reade Blogger, Carmelo Anthony and powerCOCO

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Hair Today, Clear Tomorrow… Testing out Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy products w/ Duane Reade

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A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing… at Duane Reade

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Extra, Extra- READE all about it! A New York Saturday Night on the Cheap w/ Duane Reade

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