A little Slice of Heaven… Cut outs for Spring/Summer 2012

Maybe, all these years later Joey from Full House, played by the effervescent Dave Coulier actually was onto something every time he threw out his … Read the rest

Put a PEPlum in Your Step.. Peplum styles for Spring 2012

Things are slowly changing. Yes, I know it’s almost April, but Spring is here, and winter coats are waning, warmer clothing getting ready for storage, … Read the rest

Buzzed/Trend of the Day: The Present is a Gift

You know how excited you get to open a newly wrapped present; perfectly pleated wrapped corners, topped off with a big, perfect bow. Well, I’ve … Read the rest

Buzzed/ Trend of the Day: Son Cubano

I wear a lot of boots, and unlike some spring hungry manhattanites, that excitedly tear open their locked away boxes filled with sandals and flip … Read the rest

Buzzed/Trend of the Day… Purple Reign

One of my only memories of purple is that when I was in high-school, I had a bright purple eye-shadow that I used to wear … Read the rest

Buzzed/Trend of the Day.. What's mine is yours

So technically, I’m not married yet. Okay, I’m not even close. While others become domesticated, engaged, and knocked up, I am still just… dating. You … Read the rest

Buzzed/Trend of the Day… Grin and BEAR it

Animal prints have a love/hate relationship with fashion mavens everywhere, and every few seasons they become the IT PRINT. For Fall ’11 prints in leopard, … Read the rest

Buzzed/Trend of the Day: Sign on the Dotted Line…. Polka dots for a new generation fall 2011

Over a year ago, I bought a $40 polka dotted cropped blazer from H&M. It seemed kinda out of left field, but it was calling … Read the rest

BUZZED/Trend of the Day: I Guess that's why they call it the Blues

I am usually a pink girl. Or lately, a red girl. But this summer I suddenly became obsessed with blues and greens, especially during my … Read the rest

Buzzed/Trend of the Day…. Annie Get your Gun

I’m not a violent person by nature; I’m a lover not a fighter… usually. But lately I’ve been obsessed with guns. I slung this gun … Read the rest